Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reason #5418 Trump Was Elected

Civil "service" employees, their unions and their sense of entitlement: Virginia Firefighter Charged with Felony Rioting During Trump Inauguration - Henrico County firefighter was part of anarchist group
A Henrico County firefighter has been reassigned after she was arrested for rioting in Washington DC on Inauguration Day.

Court documents stated Rosa Roncales was a part of an anarchist group that disrupted inauguration events by smashing windows and setting things on fire.

Roncales was charged with felony rioting in connection to the incidents that caused in excess of $100,000, according to court documents.
As some famous wag once noted, some "civil servants" are neither civil nor servants,

I would wish, that if she were convicted of felonious rioting, she would lose the right to vote, but that seems unlikely in Terry McAuliffes Virginia.

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