Monday, March 1, 2021

Election 2020: A Slow Monday

Not too much coming down the pike. From Natalie Winters at TNP, Pelosi’s ‘Conversations’ With Sgt At Arms Responsible For Lack Of National Guard On January 6. Did she or did she not want a riot that day to use against Trump. I don't know for sure, but I could be convinced. 

The article’s sources – three individuals “with direct knowledge of Irving’s talk with House Admin” – also revealed the discussions centered around “optics” and “occurred in the months prior to the Jan. 6 riot.”

The article also discredits the timeline provided by Pelosi’s office, which alleges that she approved the deployment of the national guard around 1:43 pm despite Paul Irving saying he was contacted about the matter after 2:00 pm.

“If you believe Irving’s timeline that he testified under oath to, how could he ask for permission from the Speaker 20 minutes before he got the request?” a source questioned.

“Also if you believe his sworn testimony that he never had to run the request up the chain, why did the Speaker’s office confirm he did just that?” they continued.

AP thinks ‘Blame Trump’ defense in Capitol riot looks like a long shot. I think so too, Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, “Blame Trump” Defense Not Working Out Well For Rioters

I would first note that there’s something rather strange about a group of people so dedicated and loyal to Donald Trump that they would travel across the country to attend his rally outside the White House, now turning around and trying to throw him under the bus. People so dedicated to the idea of “stopping the steal” that they were willing to risk injury or death (in at least one case) to defend the President are now casting the blame on him in an effort to avoid jail time.
. . .
Prosecutors shouldn’t have too tough of a job ahead of them in terms of swatting that argument down. All they’ll need to do is play the tape of the latter portion of Donald Trump’s speech where he says, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

As a closing side note, I will just point out that the emphasized excerpt from Trump’s speech that I just quoted has probably been the least-heard portion on cable news since the day of the riot. I wonder why that is, don’t you?

Speaking selective press coverage, Julie Kelly at Am Great wants to know Where Are All the Retractions of the Brian Sicknick Story?

WaPoo reports Most House Republicans voted not to certify some election results. Democrats are still seething. Something they did in every election in this century. 

At his Sunday talks, Sundance has Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes Disusses Capitol Hill Fencing and Expectation ‘The Dirty Cops Will Be Held Accountable’

Trump at CPAC, Trump: I’m Not Starting A New Party. I’m Still Running This Party says Jazz Shaw. But Yahoo found Rick Scott saying GOP is ‘voters’ party,’ not Trump’s. True, of course, but to have a party you need someone to lead.

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