Friday, July 3, 2020

Beach Report 7/3/20

I noticed a splash of bright red color among the Jewelweed, poison ivy and Trumpet Vine on the way to the beach today.  At, I thought it might be trash, but a closer look revealed a flower I have never seen before.
 Skye let me get closer to take a picture. I still don't know what it is, but the central column of pistils puts it in the Mallow family, like a Hibiscus.
Pretty warm at the beach, even though we got down there early. We did well on shark's teeth, with 30 in all. Georgia found the Mako, while I found the really spectacular Snaggletooth on a crowded beach at Matoaka.  Blurry of course, because the camera stubbornly refuses to focus on the hand instead of the shell hash on the beach.
Long Beach and Calvert Beach were lightly used today.

A better shot of the two teeth at home, with a flash.

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