Friday, June 2, 2017

Reason #5556 That Trump Was Elected

As promised in his campaign, Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate "Accords", a treaty that President Obama entered, but never submitted to the Senate, knowing it would fail.

Why you shouldn't care: In one graph, why the #ParisAgreement is useless

Even by the best estimates of its proponents, it saves the earth warming 0.2 C by 2100, and would cost the US millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of lost productivity . And don't get me going on the reliability of the climate models used for these projections.

Anthony Watts has a round up of The craziest reactions to Trump pulling out of the #ParisAgreement, as does Ace.

In this one, the ACLU confirms it was never about the climate, rather redistribution of the wealth:

From Ace's morning report 2 days ago:
Good morning, kids. June is busting out all over (her bra's too small) and so is the staff at the Morning Report with lots of link-fu for you. First up, and this is yuuge, the President is expected to announce that the US is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, and that is a good thing. That said, Rush went on an extended and highly informative monologue not only about the Accords but about something that I, and maybe most of you, have never heard of: The Treaty on Treaties. Here's the salient pull-quote from the show:
So in summary, the Paris Accord is not a treaty, but yet it could end up being enforced as one because of our own law called the Treaty on Treaties, which simply says that if we announce support in principle, that if we sign an ancillary document promising to do what we can, that is the same thing as the Senate ratifying it with two-thirds of the Senate voting. It is a trick by globalists to get the United States to sign a treaty -by the way- well, I say trick. The people that voted for this understood exactly what they were doing. Nobody was tricked here except the American people. I don't mean to imply that members of Congress or the Senate were tricked. They knew exactly what they were doing. . .
It is a mechanism to commit the United States to things that are drastically, horribly detrimental to us without going through the constitutional process that ratifies such treaties. It substitutes verbal consent of agreement in principle, say, as the equivalent of a signature and two-thirds of the Senate voting to affirm. The American people are being told, "It's toothless." In fact, here's the message that's being used by the media to try to convince Trump to sign this. . . And that is not true. If he signs on to this, it is a huge promise broken. It is a huge violation of trust. It may be something insurmountable for the president and his base to sign on to this. It is not harmless.
I had no idea about this and it's disgusting. By the way, there is a lot of confusion about the Accords in that Obama has already agreed to them, so President Trump has to announce that he is completely withdrawing the USA from them without any qualifications or other asides or "pledges" to be concerned, etc. as lip service to the enviro-statists, Globalists or others in the Administration and elsewhere. And Andy McCarthy is right. After Trump ditches this insanity, he needs to ditch the Treaty on Treaties as well. It is completely anti-Constitutional.

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