Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reason #5561 That Trump Was Elected

This is CNN: FakeNews CNN's Alisyn (What?) Camarotta Asks Spelling Bee Champion to Spell "Covfefe," Then Says That Maybe She Got It Wrong Because It's Not Sanskrit
It's remarkable how some rules just don't seem to apply to the Ruling Class, isn't it?
For starters, she and her Mentally Retarded Male Mansplainer Chris Cuomo marginalized the achievement of a marginalized non-white female, pushing aside the news of her victory in the national spelling bee in order to foreground, get this, a minor tweet made by a White Male.

Then, feeling it wasn't enough to tell this Girl of Color "We don't care about how many hours you studied for this, we just want to talk about the White Man Who Makes Us Feel Alive," Alisyn Camarotta Otherized the girl by assuming that she was somehow familiar with the Sansrit language -- a language that while technically still in use, is primarily in use for religious and philosophical purposes (as Latin is still technically in use in the West), assuming that a girl from America must be a practicing (and, indeed, advanced) scholar of the Vedas just because her parents are Indian.

When the Marginalized Girl, whose victory was de-focused to foreground a White Male's spelling error, got the spelling of "covfefe" wrong, Alisyn Camarotta tried to comfort her: "We're not sure its root is Sanskrit, which is probably what you're used to using."

Um, she's American and speaks English as a first language. Why would you claim she's "used to using" a language primarily used in liturgical contexts?

Though, in a small corner of India, it's used as a primary language -- but I do mean "a small corner." 14,000 people, primarily in Uttarakhand, speak it as a primary language.

Bear in mind, India's population is 1.3 billion.

India's main language is of course Hindi, not Sanskrit, and it has 122 main languages, and over 1300 other languages spoken there.
Via Wombat-socho's  "In The Mailbox: 06.05.17" Don Surber has 929,000 News Stories About Covfefe

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