Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Pretty Good Haul at the Beach

Skye hounded, or rather huskied, us into getting down to the beach about 10:30. It was mostly cloudy, cool, and breezy from the east. And the tide was pretty hard too, so we weren't expecting to find a lot of fossils.
But down by Matoaka Cottages Georgia found this, which I couldn't identify right off, which is pretty rare. However, someone on a fossil group on Facebook identified it as a hyplural fan, the final vertebra in a fish, where it spreads out. Something big, like a tuna or bill fish. Cool!
We did pretty well for shark's teeth too. Sadly, this pretty colored Snaggletooth is broken, otherwise it would be a gem.
 One of two pretty good Mako shark's teeth.
The entire haul, 26 teeth, 3 crab claws, a tiny fish vertebra and the hyplural fan.

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