Saturday, June 10, 2017

Reason #5563 That Trump Was Elected

James Comey. From a blog comment by Yancy Ward on "A glove, Ann. A glove." at Anne Althouse
Trump took some punches, but overall he won the day because of the following, pretty indisputable facts:

Comey did tell Trump three times he wasn't under investigation, told Congress the same thing, and couldn't really explain why he refused to say this publicly. To a non-partisan or a Trump supporter, keeping this fact non-public while telling everyone in Congress really doesn't sound fair or proper. It looks even worse since it is clear that many people who knew the truth, because Comey had told them, were telling the press the exact opposite. An honorable man does not let slanders go unanswered if he is in a position to show them as such, and especially if it is his own reputation that is being used to support the slander.

Comey admitted that Trump did not order the investigation stopped into Russian influence, and admitted that Trump thought it was a good idea to learn its extent; and Comey pretty much admits that Trump didn't order him to stop the investigation of Flynn- only that, by yesterday, Comey thought it might have been an order. However, Comey never acted like he really believed it an order, nor did the Flynn investigation stop after Comey was fired.

The specific areas where Comey called Trump a liar aren't really either provable, and are really just differences of opinion- in other words, prove to me that the FBI wasn't in disarray- one can't meet that demand, so it is pointless to call it a matter of truth or lie.

Finally, Comey had to admit that the February 14th story in the NYTimes was basically all wrong, which means that the entire collusion story is all wrong. All you are left with is a counter-intelligence investigation, of which I will remind people once again, not a single verifiable and conclusive piece of evidence supporting has made it to the press- not a single one. Sure Comey says there is "no fuzz" about that, but I actually want to see concrete evidence of this, not someone telling me it exists and to trust them on it.

Additionally, the Democrats mouthpieces in the media did the Comey thing no favors by getting certain aspects of it completely and laughably wrong in the days prior- people do notice this shit and it totally undermines the press' credibility as they try to spin Comey's nothingburger. That is why panels like the one on CNN probably turn out they way they do.
And leaking his "memo" 5 months after he wrote it, after he was fired? That was chickenshit, if not illegal. My understanding of it is that should be FBI work product, and protected by presidential privilege. If they can find a crime to hang on it, they should throw him in Bradley Chelsea Manning's old cell.

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