Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beach Report 6/11/17

Although the humidity is creeping up, the temperature continues to hold in the mid 70's, making for almost perfect beach weather. I took Skye down around 11 AM, and Georgia caught up with us at the beach.
 Lots of people out fossil hunting.
 I have to show the next two, even though they aren't ours, and were from yesterday. Our friend Theresa and Roy found these yesterday raking through the surf line. First this outstanding "Mako", when we walked past them on the way up, and then on our way back . . .
This small but perfect Megalodon!
It was a hair on the warm side for a dog designed for Siberian winters, but Skye cooled herself by wading as deep as we would let her.

She also managed to snag a few pets along the way.

Lots of water sports going on today

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