Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Weekend Beach Report

We had bookend days at the beach this weekend. It's been warm, 85+, humid and mostly clear skies, with only light winds.

Good weather for butterflies. This Variegated Fritillary was spotted in the Kudzu vine. I also saw my first Black Swallowtail of the year there too, but it refused to cooperate with my attempts at photography.

We found lots of shark's teeth, but none very big and magnificent, so instead, I'm posting a picture of what I think must be the smallest Snaggletooth Shark's tooth I have ever found.
A good day for labs. We don't let Skye get that deep anymore, because her fur retains bay water for ever, and starts to stink
But she gets more pets than any other dog on the beach. She insists on it.
It's hard to see, because they're hard to see, but the infamous Sea Nettles are here early this year, and some combination of wind and tide has caused large numbers of them to wash in to some of the backwaters behind the groins.

More pets!

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