Sunday, July 3, 2016

The FBI Interviews

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill released the following statement regarding the three and a half hour meeting (as read on Fox News):
Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was Secretary. She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview.
FBI Director James Comey told Fox News’s Catherine Herridge in May that he was not familiar with the term used by the Clinton camp, “security inquiry.” He told Herridge that “We do investigations here at the FBI.”

The interview was anticipated as reports came out that Clinton was scheduled for a meeting. Key witness Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former Chief of Staff in the State Department, was seen leaving Clinton’s residence this morning around 10 a.m. according to Fox News, which showed video of Mills leaving the home.
According to the New York Times:
Eight officials from the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice conducted the interview, according to a person who was familiar with the substance of the session but declined to be named because the meeting was private. This person characterized the meeting as “civil” and “businesslike.”
While the Washington Post reminds us it's not over 'til the fat lady sings:
The investigation is not over: Agents and prosecutors will now have to compare what the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said Saturday to other evidence they have gathered, including from interviews with Clinton’s aides. They will also have to analyze how the facts of the case apply to various laws that might have been violated.
As noted by Powerline:
 If Hillary lied to the FBI investigators during her three-and-a-half-hour interview and the investigators know she lied, that might change the dynamic significantly.

It’s possible that during Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch, the attorney general told Bill that Hillary is in the clear provided that she tells the truth during her interview. But I’m just speculating.
FBI director takes center stage in Clinton email case once the Attorney General is no longer considered a fair arbiter.
“There is a growing expectation that we the public need to hear the FBI, Jim Comey version of whether or not charges will be brought,” he added. “There has probably been increasing recognition by her that that’s true, that she is viewed as — regardless of her prior reputation as an effective prosecutor — she’s now the head of Obama’s DOJ, a political position in a Democratic administration that is deciding on the prosecution or not of the leading Democratic candidate.”
CNN is preemptively announcing victory for Clinton predicting that an announcement will be made clearing Hillary withing one to two weeks. Have you noticed… "…that many liberals seem far more perturbed about Bill Clinton’s talk with Loretta Lynch than they are with anything Hillary Clinton has done?"

Speculations regarding What Went Down on the Tarmac? are running rampant. "Whatever the truth of the matter, it can’t be good. This is standard operating procedure for the Clintons."

One former Federal prosecutor says the ‘Optics’ of Lynch–Clinton Meeting Are Not Just Bad, They’re Disqualifying. Lynch meeting latest episode to strain Clinton trust. But the list is sooo long.
Lynch-Clinton tarmac meetup leaves a permanent taint. What's that smell? Corruption! The New Yorker: Bill Clinton's Bad Judgement. I'm not convinced. I think he knows exactly what he's doing. I'm just not sure whether he wants to help Hillary or hurt her. J. Christian Adams on Rush Limbaugh: 'Loretta Lynch 'Recusing' Herself BENEFITS Hillary!'

WH defends Lynch's record after Clinton meeting. As noted by Insty: If you have to reach back to her pre-AG record, that’s bad. On the other hand, there’s this take on her tenure (see right).  The Lynch/Clinton tarmac tête-à-tête sends the message that rules are only for the little people.
The denials from the attorney general and the former president that they did not discuss the criminal investigation underway against Hillary Clinton are beside the point. Just having the meeting sent a clear signal that the attorney general is cozy with the Clintons. In case career-minded FBI agents weren’t already intimidated by President Obama inserting himself into the investigation by declaring that Clinton’s private email server didn’t “jeopardize America’s national security,” the message was sent by this meeting: Any ambitious FBI agent hoping for a promotion in a potential Clinton administration can only hurt themselves by going against the wishes of the Clintons’ pal, Lynch. The tarmac tête-à-tête was probably effective. Lynch and the Clintons both knew exactly how the meeting would be received.
Sen. Ayotte calls on AG Lynch to recuse herself from email case, Naivete can be so charming. In a Senator, not so much.

Media in overdrive to downplay Lynch meeting For example, did you know Loretta Lynch let Clinton board her plane because it was hot on the tarmac or something, and she just didn't have the heart to shoo him away.

Indicted or not indicted, Clinton could lose politically, Democrats fear. What Happens If Hillary Is Indicted? Me? I think she slogs forward pretending innocence.

This is what scares me most about a Hillary Clinton presidency. The elite fear she might ruin it for them:
If anything goes badly wrong in the world over the next four years — not terribly unlikely under any president, given all the upheaval in Europe and China — I'm worried that voters will look at the webs of influence surrounding Clinton and be more inclined to be suspicious that problems affecting their livelihoods have arisen because of self-dealing by elites.
Biden’s plan is to streamline decisions made by the FDA, NIH and other government agencies to both speed up drug approvals and give patients the freedom to obtain the combination of medicines that works best for them. He wants to increase tax incentives and patent protection for private companies to partner with and invest in government cancer research.

Clinton wants a vast new bureaucracy that would delay and limit such choices.––

Clinton is planning to use a series of executive actions to control the price of cancer drugs, how they are used and who will get them. There is nothing Congress or the courts can do, short of replacing ObamaCare, to change that.

She strongly supports a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services experiment to randomly pay some doctors a lower fee when they use more expensive drugs for cancer and other complex illnesses to see if it saves money. Medicare has no provision to ensure that this arbitrary cost-cutting doesn’t cost lives. And if someone with cancer wants to opt out, tough luck. Medicare patients are forced to be lab rats in this experiment.
A Hillary Clinton  presidency, even more so than Bills, will be control over everything by mobs of well meaning, over educated, under experienced elites, who have no regard for the law of unexpected consequences.

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