Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Bill Endangers Chesapeake Bay Funding

Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland is concerned that the bill could reduce funding for Chesapeake Bay clean up. How would it do that?

"Cardin has voiced his concerns with the bill. He's in negotiations right now to get his concerns addressed. What the bill would do is consolidate conservation programs. Traditionally, funding for the Chesapeake Bay has come from distinct programs and conservation by line items, and there's been a backlash against earmarks in Congress. So the push in this Ag Bill is to consolidate these conservation programs into one pool of money, and Cardin is worried that it's uncertain as to what it means for future funding for the Chesapeake Bay. He notes that restrictions on the Bay are high, and that they will be lowered in the future."
I'm torn here.  In principal, I'm in favor of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup funding, because the Chesapeake Bay, well, needs to be cleaned up.  But in practice, I see little effect of the money being spent, and given a choice between wasting money, and saving money, I'd rather the government save the money.  Is there any way this process can be made to evaluate the results of the various parts of the Bay Funding, and only fund the parts that are producing results?

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