Saturday, June 30, 2012

EPA Crucifier Gets Enviornmental Gig

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official who resigned earlier this year for comparing his work to crucifixion has found new employment with a leading green group. The Sierra Club on Friday announced that Al Armendariz would be joining the group’s “Beyond Coal” campaign next month as a senior representative.
I covered this story back in April.  It just doesn't seem that long ago.  I guess he was out visiting Disney World.  I was thinking at the time that he was probably headed into the environmental NGO realm at the time, rather than back to mundane academe.

Some reacted strongly to this news:
Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who released the video of the meeting, mockingly offered his congratulations to Armendariz on Friday.

“Dr. Armendariz follows numerous Obama administration officials who have come from or moved to radical left and green groups,” Inhofe said in a statement. “It's as if there is a revolving door between the White House and organizations such as the Sierra Club.”

"At least at the Sierra Club he won't get into so much trouble for telling the truth that their true agenda is to kill oil, gas and coal,” he added.
 A lot of people move between industry and government too, so it's not exactly shocking for an ex-admin bigwig to go to an NGO.  However, it strongly suggests that he never intended to enforce the laws fairly.

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