Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New Civility

...According to a Rehberg campaign staffer who witnessed the altercation, a female Tester supporter in her late thirties attempted to push her way into a group that included the congressman, who was entertaining questions from reporters, and his wife, daughter Katie and staff.

After exchanging words with Jan Rehberg, she began hitting the candidate’s wife with a rolled up Tester sign.

Managing partner of the Buck T-4, David O’Connor, attended the event and threw the alleged sign-wielding woman, whom he identified as a local environmental activist, off the premises an hour later along with two of her cohorts — who he said were heckling Rehberg during the event...
 What, no stabbing? Did they take the silverware away from the crowd?
Also that night, local Democrat Rachel Vaughn, who had heckled Rehberg during the debate, slapped the wrist of reporter Dustin Hurst, who she believed to be a Rehberg supporter, “in an effort to knock my recording device, my Droid cell phone, to the ground.”

Hurst provided audio of the altercation to TheDC. It can be heard here. He is not planning to press charges.

“I am not planning to press charges,” Hurst wrote in an email to TheDC. “I could have done so, but it was a minor thing and I’m willing to take it for the job. I think Ms. Vaughn just let her passion get the best of her and I don’t want to get her into legal trouble over it.”
 Don't you just love the smell of desperation in the morning?

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