Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweden is Sooo Progressive

They want to force men to sit down when they pee... Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge

A Swedish political party is taking a stand against upright urination.

At a county council meeting Monday, the Left Party, or Vänsterpartiet, tabled a motion that would require office washrooms to be genderless with a sit-down-only requirement, reported the news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå.
So, why am I not surprised it's the leftists who want to force men to piss like women?
For men who might refuse to comply, party representatives suggested a separate set of toilets clearly labeled for stand-up urination only.
So, how do you square a sit-down-only requirement with a separate set of stand up urinals?  Is it the  Vänsterpartiet that's confused or the press, or both?
Vänsterpartiet, known as a socialist and feminist organization, believes seated urination is healthier for men and more hygienic for both sexes.
I've never heard of a germ swimming upstream.
Party speakers cited medical research they said shows men empty their bladders more efficiently while seated. Improved bladder evacuation reduces the risk for prostate problems, according to the party. It also helps men who sit rather than stand achieve a longer and healthier sex life, it said.
Why, thank you for thinking of my sex life, but I'll tend to it myself, thank you
Viggo Hansen, a substitute council member who authored the motion, told Sveriges Television that that the move does not represent an attempt to meddle in the bathroom habits of citizens.
No, telling you how to pee isn't meddling, it's just being progressive. I've got it; why don't we anti-progressives pass a law requiring women to pee standing up!

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