Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fishing Report June 19, 2012

Trevor and I left the harbor about 6:30 PM, hoping for a little luck fishing.  We had only been fishing a while when these two ships appeared in the distance.  I don't know for sure, but I think the tall ship is Cisne Branco, from Rio de Janero, Brazil, at least the flag matches...

I don't know what the naval vessel was, but it was fast; it passed the tall ship in a minute, and sent a huge wake over to our side of the bay.
Location X

  Fishing, well, stunk.  We found a bunch of small Striped Bass, and we could have caught hundreds had we anchored, but we only found a couple of keeper sized fish on top water gear near shore and both of them threw the hook.  Oh well; next time.  Trevor also almost had a single Atlantic Croaker on a blood worm, but it too threw the hook just before it made it in the boat.
We did, however, have a very impressive sunset.  I had a hard time choosing the best shot....

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  1. While eating dinner on the deck, we heard a bunch of waves hitting the beach. I suspect that warship was the culprit.

    We had read the tall ships would be off Cove Point about 1:00. We were ready to go out to photograph them, but none ever appeared. We gave up looking at the Marine Traffic. I obviously missed that one.