Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Has Philadelphia Gone to the Wolves?

Penny the wolf hybrid?  Could be...
Since late last week, employees of the Speedwell Forge Wolf Sanctuary have camped out in a pickup truck on a residential street in Rhawnhurst hoping to capture a creature they have nicknamed Penny.

No one knows just what Penny is. She — the Wolf Sanctuary crew refers to her in feminine terms — could be a dog, a wolf, a coyote, or a blend of species. But the team from the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, Pa., along with workers from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, local animal control agents, and residents of Penny's adopted Algon Avenue habitat, know she prefers McDonald's to a deer carcass.

On Tuesday, Penny, who might be an abandoned pet, eluded traps set by Wolf Sanctuary workers and regularly peeked from the edge of the woods of Pennypack Park — to the delight of spectators.

"I've been seeing her. I've been feeding her Kibbles 'n Bits," said Dale Pyle, an Algon resident who said he has observed the animal for the past two months.

Game Commission and Wolf Sanctuary employees have laid traps in the woods and fed the animal a tranquilizer-laced hot dog.

Next, Wolf Sanctuary worker Dustin Deyoe said, they plan to shoot her with a tranquilizer dart equipped with a remote tracking device. Once she lies down, they will take her to a vet for DNA testing. If she is at least 65 percent wolf, then she can have a home in the 25-acre sanctuary in Lancaster County.
I vote to leave her be. Wolves could only improve Philadelphia by thinning the herd.  A least she's not a zombie.

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  1. prestone56@yahoo.comJune 28, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    Call in the Dog Whisperer who has experience with this type of "hybrid wolf".
    However, I was given a 10 year old German Shepherd,I was told was pedigreed, that looked just like this dog. He was a terrific pet, guard dog, & even was a prized visitor to senior citizen end of life ward. (But, I was not told that he did not like other dogs.)
    I am a 65 yr old grandmother, I would sit backwards to Penny & eat McDonalds. Keep calm!