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Reasons #5492 and #5493 That Trump Was Elected

We're tired of unelected bureaucrats who think they run the country:

A Leftist State Department Official is Publicly Attacking the President on Social Media
Alan Eyre, a high-ranking State Department official known for his pro-Tehran, anti-Israel biases — and a key component of the Iran nuclear deal’s negotiating team— has been using his verified Twitter account to repost articles attacking President Trump, the man who he ultimately answers to.

The postings, shared below, are only a small snapshot of what Eyre has tweeted out over the past month and shared with his 100,000-plus followers. Some mock the president and question his intelligence and integrity (again, Eyre’s boss). Another post calls President Trump’s decisions “senseless” and “heartless.”
FBI Deputy Director Snaps: In Anti-Trump Tirade, McCabe Professes Hatred for U.S. President to FBI Colleagues
Senior intelligence sources said that embattled FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe openly professed his disgust for President Donald Trump at a senior staff meeting while loosing his cool demeanor in the process.

McCabe, the second in charge of the FBI, ranted at a staff meeting a week after Trump’s inauguration (approx Jan 27) about the newly sworn-in president, catching many FBI agents off guard with his anti-GOP vitriol.

At the meeting, when a subject came up dealing with a request of the FBI made by then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn dealing with the National Sheriff’s Association, McCabe told the packed conference room: “I hate Trump.”

Flynn’s request for cooperation from McCabe and the FBI was likewise tabled, sources said. Flynn has since been sacked and was forced to resign largely due to the FBI’s conduct.

These additional troubling revelations about McCabe come a day after True Pundit exposed the deputy director as a partisan FBI agent apparently waging his own liberal-infused domestic political policy and who took part in secret meetings to derail Flynn and Trump.
Curiously, Deputy Director McCabe's wife, Jill McCabe, was closely tied to Clinton through Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

If you can't play the game fair, you should be fired.

Sure, It's All About the Dog

Another day, another non-reason for the internet to be outraged. This time, it's Flip Or Flop star Christina El Moussa who is on the receiving end of the internet's flak, and the reason is so, so dumb.

El Moussa, who filed for divorce from husband and Flip Or Flop co-host Tarek El Moussa in January of 2017 following a quiet separation beginning in May 2016, took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and her seven-year-old daughter Tay with the newest member of their family. The "newest member" — whose arrival was celebrated on National Puppy Day, aww! — is a French bulldog named Cashie, but it wasn't just a discussion of how freakin' cute Cashie is that was going down in the comments. Instead, people were more concerned with what Tay and El Moussa are wearing in the photo.
In the photo, El Moussa and Tay rock matching purple bikinis while holding their new pup. (Well, El Moussa holds the pup... Tay holds a donut.) Some people weren't thrilled with the announcement being made while the mother and daughter duo were in swimwear.

Some comments on the photo include:

"It's not about "hating" @christinaelmoussa, like everyone is saying... it's about the fact that she's pretending this is about a dog while she's broadcasting a 7 y.o.'s body all over IG when that child can't give informed consent. She could have taken a picture of the dog and the child fully clothed."

"Weirdest dog announcement ever lol i mean great body but like whats the correlation between the dog, the bathing suits, and the donut lmao"
Yeah, it's a cute dog. Just relax folks, it's a swimsuit. As Instapundit notes:
Informed consent is a medical term. This is a swimsuit picture. Parents consent for their kids, because parents are in charge.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Reason #5491 That Trump Was Elected

School apologizes for offending refugees after students wear red, white and blue
Students at Des Moines’ Valley High School recently issued a public apology to nearby North High School after allegations of racism from students wearing red, white, and blue to a basketball game last week.

Allegations surfaced on social media after a game Wednesday that Valley students who waived American flags and donned red, white and blue attire in the stands offended refugee students playing for the more racially diverse North team, Fox News reports.

“Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think ‘What the hell are these kids thinking?’” North assistant coach Morgan Wheat said.
 Des Moines, Iowa? Seriously?
Commenters on Facebook allege Valley students “were not being patriotic” but rather “rude, racist, and ignorant” by yelling “deport them” and other offensive comments from the stands.

“What they did was AGAINST the flag and what it stand for,” an alleged witness posted, according to Snopes. “Yes, there were kids that were not saying those things … but the majority were.”

Regardless, Valley student leaders issued a formal apology last week, and contend the red, white, and blue theme was not intended to offend anyone.

Rude comments shouted at a high school ball game! This demands a federal investigation!

The students wrote, according to The Des Moines Register:
It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S. A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base. We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way.
We have traditionally dressed in such a fashion for great games such as the one last night. Everyone here at Valley has immense respect not only for your team and players but for your community as a whole.
Please know that our intent was in no way (meant) to offend or demean – just to support our own team in a way we have done before.
Congratulations on a wonderful season and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.
Valley won the state tournament game, and North assistant coach Wheat commended the team for the hard-fought victory.
My response to "the more racially diverse" North High students would have been that if you don't like the colors of the flag, move somewhere you like the colors better.

How to Dress for Halo

Wow, the level of detail is fantastic. Props for his level of concentration.

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Light the Lights! It's Earth Hour!

The winner for Earth Hour every year since 2003  – North Korea.
Odds favor them to be the winner again this year.
Stolen from Watts Up With That in entirety: The futility of “Earth Hour” @earthhour
Earth Hour: A Dissent
by Ross McKitrick

Ross McKitrick, Professor of Economics, University of Guelph, Canada.

In 2009 I was asked by a journalist for my thoughts on the importance of Earth Hour.

Here is my response.

I abhor Earth Hour. Abundant, cheap electricity has been the greatest source of human liberation in the 20th century. Every material social advance in the 20th century depended on the proliferation of inexpensive and reliable electricity.

Giving women the freedom to work outside the home depended on the availability of electrical appliances that free up time from domestic chores. Getting children out of menial labour and into schools depended on the same thing, as well as the ability to provide safe indoor lighting for reading.

Development and provision of modern health care without electricity is absolutely impossible. The expansion of our food supply, and the promotion of hygiene and nutrition, depended on being able to irrigate fields, cook and refrigerate foods, and have a steady indoor supply of hot water.

Many of the world’s poor suffer brutal environmental conditions in their own homes because of the necessity of cooking over indoor fires that burn twigs and dung. This causes local deforestation and the proliferation of smoke- and parasite-related lung diseases.

Anyone who wants to see local conditions improve in the third world should realize the importance of access to cheap electricity from fossil-fuel based power generating stations. After all, that’s how the west developed.

The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead I celebrate it and all that it has provided for humanity.

Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness. By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it becomes an hour devoted to anti-humanism. It encourages the sanctimonious gesture of turning off trivial appliances for a trivial amount of time, in deference to some ill-defined abstraction called “the Earth,” all the while hypocritically retaining the real benefits of continuous, reliable electricity.

People who see virtue in doing without electricity should shut off their fridge, stove, microwave, computer, water heater, lights, TV and all other appliances for a month, not an hour. And pop down to the cardiac unit at the hospital and shut the power off there too.

I don’t want to go back to nature. Travel to a zone hit by earthquakes, floods and hurricanes to see what it’s like to go back to nature. For humans, living in “nature” meant a short life span marked by violence, disease and ignorance. People who work for the end of poverty and relief from disease are fighting against nature. I hope they leave their lights on.

Here in Ontario, through the use of pollution control technology and advanced engineering, our air quality has dramatically improved since the 1960s, despite the expansion of industry and the power supply.

If, after all this, we are going to take the view that the remaining air emissions outweigh all the benefits of electricity, and that we ought to be shamed into sitting in darkness for an hour, like naughty children who have been caught doing something bad, then we are setting up unspoiled nature as an absolute, transcendent ideal that obliterates all other ethical and humane obligations.

No thanks.

I like visiting nature but I don’t want to live there, and I refuse to accept the idea that civilization with all its tradeoffs is something to be ashamed of.

Ross McKitrick
Professor of Economics
University of Guelph

Dominion on Hook for Arsenic in Coal Ash

A federal judge has ruled that arsenic seeping into the Elizabeth River from ash ponds at Dominion Virginia Power’s now-shuttered Chesapeake Energy Center violates the federal Clean Water Act, but he opted not to impose penalties or dictate how the violation should be addressed.

“The finding of a violation, however, does not end the inquiry, for the court must fashion a remedy in this case,” U.S. District Judge John A. Gibney Jr. wrote in his order dated Thursday. Gibney directed the parties “to suggest a remedial plan consistent with the court’s opinion.”

The suit, brought by the Sierra Club and the subject of a bench trial that ended in June, sought to force the utility to excavate the ash and haul it away to a lined landfill.

According to the Southern Environmental Law Center, which represented the Sierra Club, Gibney’s order is the first time a “federal judge has ruled after a full trial that a utility broke the law because of the way it stores coal ash.”

“We’re pleased the court agreed Dominion is breaking the law because its coal ash is polluting the Elizabeth River, but we are disappointed the court did not order a full cleanup,” said Deborah Murray, an SELC attorney. “The law is clear. When someone violates the Clean Water Act, the polluter must stop the violation. Here, that means getting the ash out of the groundwater. It is not a viable option to leave the pollution source in place and allow the pollution to continue.”
Dominion spokesman David Botkins said the company “is pleased that the court has confirmed there has been no threat to health or the environment resulting from the coal ash,” adding that “the safety of the public, the water and the environment is our top priority.”

Botkins also noted Gibney’s determination that the removing the ash would cost hundreds of millions of dollars “for very little return.”
Monitoring wells on the site showed high concentrations of arsenic in groundwater, and evidence during the trial showed that the groundwater at the site was “hydrologically connected” to surface water sources such as Deep Creek and the Elizabeth River, where samples showed “extremely high” arsenic concentrations, the SELC said.
Having some expertise in arsenic chemistry and toxicology, I would like to know what the "extremely high" arsenic concentrations are. However, the article only provides this help:
However, the opinion notes that the judge could not determine how much arsenic goes from the ash site to surrounding waters.

“What the court does know, however, is that the discharge posed no threat to health or the environment,” Gibney wrote, adding that tests around the facility “have been well below the water quality criteria for arsenic.”

Even a large arsenic discharge would “amount to a drop in the bucket,” given the volume of water surrounding the ash ponds.

“This fact does demonstrate the absence of significant environmental harm,” the judge wrote.
I would suppose the relevant water quality standard would the the drinking water standard, on the thought that drinking water wells might be affects. That standard would be 10 ppb, a number routinely exceeded in well waters in many parts of the country from natural causes, although I can't think of one in the Elizabeth River region.

So we have the judge finding that the ash ponds probably leaked water containing arsenic at levels less than the drinking water standard into the region around the ash ponds, and the Sierra Club wants the utility subject to hundreds of millions of dollars in abatement costs for no particular gain.

It's not that they love people or the environment, it's just that they hate industry.

Trump Green Lights Keystone Pipeline

Hmm, I sorta though he already had, but just to make it more official: TransCanada Receives Presidential Permit for Keystone XL
TransCanada Corporation (TSX:TRP) (NYSE:TRP) (TransCanada) today announced that the U.S. Department of State has signed and issued a Presidential Permit to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"This is a significant milestone for the Keystone XL project," said Russ Girling, TransCanada's president and chief executive officer. "We greatly appreciate President Trump's Administration for reviewing and approving this important initiative and we look forward to working with them as we continue to invest in and strengthen North America's energy infrastructure."

Keystone XL is an important piece of TransCanada's comprehensive U.S. growth portfolio driving an investment of more than US$15 billion in liquids and natural gas projects that will create thousands of well-paying jobs and generate substantial economic benefits across the U.S.

TransCanada will continue to engage key stakeholders and neighbors throughout Nebraska, Montana and South Dakota to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to advance this project to construction.

In conjunction, TransCanada has discontinued its claim under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and will end its U.S. Constitutional challenge.
As the Washington Post was quick to point out, this doesn't mean the end of opposition to the pipeline:
The project’s supporters and detractors immediately weighed in, promising to continue the fight over the pipeline on many different fronts.

“This project will not get built,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. “We will defeat this pipeline in the courts and in the court of public opinion.”

Reason #5490 That Trump Was Elected

About time. DoJ seeks to strip convicted terrorist of citizenship
Back in 2003 Iyman Faris was convicted of a rather scatterbrained plot to take down the Brooklyn Bridge by cutting the structure’s support cables. He was planning to do this in collusion with Al Qaeda as part of a possible second wave of attacks against the United States. He was given a rather lengthy jail term but he’s due to be released in December 2020. So what happens then? He’s a naturalized citizen of Pakistani birth, but the Justice Department is now looking to change that situation by stripping him of said citizenship and ejecting him from the country. (Associated Press)
The Department of Justice has taken the rare step of seeking to strip a convicted terrorist of his U.S. citizenship as he serves the last several years of a 20-year prison sentence for plotting to destroy New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.
Some national security experts suggested Tuesday the move might signal a new, tougher line under President Donald Trump.
The case involves Iyman Faris, 47 and born in Pakistan, who was sentenced in 2003 for aiding and abetting the al-Qaida terrorist group with his plan to cut through cables that support the iconic bridge. At the time, it was among the highest profile terrorism cases in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.
Can we really do this? I certainly hope so, and all signs point to there being precedent for such an action. You can’t take away the citizenship of a natural born American citizen, but we have revoked that status for naturalized citizens in the past, including Nazis who were discovered living here after having fled Europe following World War II.
The purpose of immigration and naturalization is to take citizens that will be helpful and not hurtful to our country. Kick his ass out. If Pakistan won't take him back, I think there's still some unclaimed territory in Antarctica.

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Rule 5 Saturday - A Goddess - Daniella Wang

This Rule 5 post inspired by GOODSTUFF and desperation. Daniella Wang: 
Daniella Wang (Chinese: 王李丹妮; pinyin: Wánglǐ Dānní; born 6 August 1989), born Wang Lidan (Chinese: 王李丹; pinyin: Wáng Lǐdān), is a Chinese actress and fashion model of Mongolian ethnicity.[1] She is known as “China's Goddess of Boobs”. Daniella Wang is best known for acting in a Hong Kong Category III film Due West: Our Sex Journey.

Born in Nanyang, Henan on August 6, 1989, Daniella Wang graduated from Beijing Zhongbei King Art School (北京中北英皇艺术学校).

Daniella Wang began her career as a fashion model in 2010, when she attended the China Fashion Underwear Model Contest. Her first film role was uncredited appearance in the film Red Rock, and she rose to fame after portraying Xiaosi in the Hong Kong Category III film Due West: Our Sex Journey.

This week in GOODSTUFFs BLOGGING MAGAZINE (285th Issue) Mickey 許喵喵 left her watermarks and site tags behind the Great Chinese Firewall along with plenty of Weird, Wacky and Wild stuff for your enlightenment. Linked at Pirate's Cove in the weekly "Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup" and linkfest and at American Power in "Jem Wolfie Sunday Rule 5."

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Obamacare Schadenfreude Postponed!

Trump's Struggle to Repeal and Replace
Obamacare Summed Up in 10 Cartoons
The big news is that the stupid party (as opposed to the evil party) couldn't get it's act together and agree on how to repeal and replace or fix Obamacare, after having voted to repeal it multiple times while Obama was in office to veto it, and ended up delaying the vote scheduled yesterday until . . . who knows when. For the scoop, we go to WaPo's Dan Balz for the unbiased view (just kidding): A postponed health-care vote, a big GOP embarrassment and no good options ahead:
Thursday was supposed to be a glorious anniversary for President Trump and the Republicans. Seven years after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, Republicans were poised to take the first concrete step toward repealing and replacing that law. Instead, Thursday produced an embarrassing setback that left the way forward far from certain.
So what led up to this? From Reason:  Republicans Are Rushing To Vote on a Health Care Bill They Haven’t Read. They Learned Nothing From Obamacare. Measure twice before cutting. The Republicans Relearn Politics. D-.

From the beginning, the Republicans have been divided over how to proceed, with the Rand Paul wing wanting to end it, not mend it, and the moderate wing wanting to tweek it, to make it slightly less authoritarian and put their own brand on it. Senate Republicans: From 'hell no' to 'not so sure' on ObamacareRyan: Health care bill must do more for older people. It's been great entertainment if nothing else. Republicans Work to Repair GOP Divide Over Health-Care OverhaulPrice on AHCA: Everything’s on the table — except a clean repeal. No clean break? Right Versus Right: Where Conservative Groups Stand on TrumpCare. All over the place. Rubio Doesn’t Want “A Republican Version of Obamacare”  AHCA was on a knife edge. Now it may have fallen off. Or at least got cut really badly.

By way of Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 03.20.17" the sensible Megan McArdle: Trump’s Budget Asks The Right Questions For Conservatives
Conservatives are often accused of “hating government”, and some do. Still, there is a coherent and compelling center-right analysis that doesn’t simply blindly oppose federal spending, but asks of it a few questions:

  • Can the government actually make this problem better?
  • If so, must this problem be solved at the Federal level, or could it be done as easily or better by the states?
  • Even if the government might help solve this problem, would the associated costs in terms of loss of freedom, deadweight losses from regulation or taxation, and the declining accountability and manageability of government as it grows, actually be worth the benefit?
From  "In The Mailbox: 03.22.17"  When the Government's Policy Is to Pass the Buck. Some bucks just ache to be passed.

And from "In The Mailbox: 03.23.17"Liberal Judges Unwittingly Declare Obamacare Religious Mandate Unconstitutional. An interesting arrgument, if only judges were honest. JD Rucker – Just Repeal. And correct on the first try, Just One Minute with Perils Of Pauline, Trumpcare Edition.

A few short days ago:  Ryan on healthcare plan: 'We're right where we want to be', while Conservative House Republicans Say They Have Votes to Block Health Bill and Paul predicts GOP healthcare plan will fail says  ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0, ‘I Would Predict They Pull Bill, Start Over’. An Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback, angering conservatives. Like they needed another reason.
The provision would have allowed the Treasury Department to access data at the Department of Homeland Security to verify that healthcare tax credits went only to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, not to illegal immigrants.

In a largely procedural move, it was dropped from the bill after the Senate Parliamentarian determined that the Senate Finance Committee, which handles tax credits under the bill, does not have purview over the Department of Homeland Security.
House Obamacare repeal DOA in the SenateMcConnell warns Senate Republicans: I’d hate to be you if AHCA failsFailure to Repeal Obamacare Would Endanger Tax-Cut Goals, Some in GOP WarnHmmmm...: Mike Lee Says Senate Parliamentarian Informed Him It Might Be Possible to Undo Obamacare Regulations Via Reconciliation. What goes around comes around.  Study: Senate can repeal Obamacare's regulations through reconciliation, with only 51 votes. Surprise: House ready to change health-care bill after learning Senate reconciliation rules might let them repeal more of ObamaCareKochs pledge millions to GOPers in 2018 -- if they vote no on health care bill. Only millions? Cheapskates!

Trump will be a one-term president if health care bill passes, says Freedom Caucus member. Predicting is hard, especially the future. Trump stumps for House GOP health-care bill in Rand Paul’s backyard.  High drama for ObamaCare vote. Nope, couldn't get it together. House Sets Risky Health Care Vote After Trump Demands It. Trump's ultimatum: If vote fails, Obamacare stays

Meanwhile Obamacare itself continues to sink into death spiral: Higher Obamacare premiums in Arizona led to significant decline in enrollment. I hope the Republicans can agree on something more realistic.

Reason #5489 That Trump Was Elected

Anti-Trump media: 91% coverage negative, 96% of donations to Hillary
"How can the media be considered 'mainstream' when it doesn't represent a majority of the American people?" he asked. "It's more accurate to use the term 'liberal,'" he said.

In an interview, he cited the media's ills: 91 percent of Trump campaign coverage was negative, 96 percent of media campaign contributions went to Democrat Hillary Clinton, and 55 percent of the public is weary of the anti-Trump tone in coverage.

"It's the most biased media I've seen in my lifetime," Smith said.
It's almost like the media doesn't even bother with the pretense of objectivity anymore. Why would anyone take them seriously.

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Fish Pic Friday - Three Tails are Better Than One - Tripletail

Luiza Barros with a nice pair
The Atlantic Tripletail, another fish on my "wanted" list:
The Atlantic tripletail or tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis) is a warm-water marine fish found across the tropics; it can grow to 90 cm long and weigh 18 kg. It is also known by fishermen by names like flasher or steamboat. Young fishes float on their sides, often beside flotsam, and appear like a dry leaf. In Indonesia, the local name is called KakapHitam/Laut or similar as Black Barramundi which is commonly consumed by its similar appearance as Lates calcalifers-Baramundi
Brooke Thomas and a pretty one

In US waters, Atlantic tripletails are found from Massachusetts and Bermuda to Argentina, the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, from Madeira Island to the Gulf of Guinea, the eastern Pacific from Costa Rica to Peru, and the western Pacific from Japan to Fiji and Tuvalu. They are rarely found north of Chesapeake Bay. They are found on the Gulf Coast from April to October and then migrate to warmer waters during winter. In the spring, tripletails concentrate just offshore of two particular spots: Port Canaveral, Florida (March–June) and Jekyll Island, Georgia (April–July).
Darcsizzle has a big one
Tripletails are well known for their unusual behavior of floating just beneath the surface with one side exposed, mimicking a leaf or floating debris. This is thought to be a feeding strategy because of the locality of their prey items and the floating structures associated with this behavior. The behavior has resulted in a rapidly increasing incidence of recreational fishermen sight-fishing for the floating tripletails, resulting in severe bag and length restrictions in Florida and Georgia to ensure future populations.

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Stuff Ted Sends

Pretty good, but a lot of the 18 instruments are just variations on guitars. Heck, I could drum up 8 or 10, if you count spoons.

And Here I Thought Oil Spills Were a Bad Thing!

But I guess they're good when they serve "The Narrative!" Dakota Access Pipeline sabotaged in two states
The company which built the Dakota Access Pipeline says there have been “recent coordinated physical attacks” on the completed pipeline which is ready to begin delivering oil this week. At least two attacks taken place within the past month. Last week, someone took a blowtorch to an above-ground section of the pipeline in South Dakota. From the Duluth News Tribune:
In South Dakota, authorities received a report on March 17 that someone burned a hole through an above-ground section of an oil pipeline at a valve site just south of Sioux Falls, according to Chief Deputy Chad Brown of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
A torch may have been used to create the hole, causing about $30,000 to $60,000 in damage, Brown said. No suspects had been identified, Brown said. The incident occurred between March 15 and March 17, Brown said.
Because most of the pipeline is buried, the above-ground shut-off valves are the most easily accessible portions of the pipeline. A very similar attack took place earlier this month in Iowa.
. . .
No suspects have been identified in the two known cases of sabotage, but it’s not much of a stretch to suggest the apparently coordinated attacks were carried out by people opposed to its construction. This isn’t the first act of sabotage against this pipeline. Last October, fires were set that destroyed construction equipment in Iowa.
So whatever happened to Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who committed vandalism on camera at a DAP protest? As of Sept, Google News only shows an arrest warrant out for her. Surely the case must either have advanced further or have been dropped.

Reason #5488 That Trump Was Elected

Two Immigrants, One Illegal, Allegedly Rape and Sodomize 14 Year Old Classmate in Rockville Maryland
Strangely, one of the attackers was 18 years old, but had been put in the freshman class, making him the classmate of the 14 year old girl he allegedly raped.

Tucker Carlson video segment at the link. Apparently Rockville is considering becoming a sanctuary city, and Maryland is exploring the possibility of becoming a sanctuary state.
New, brutal details emerged Monday in the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school by two male students, at least one of whom was in the country illegally.
The unidentified student at Rockville High School in Rockville, Md. was violently raped, sodomized and made to perform oral sex in a campus bathroom stall by the two males, according to court records.
Jose O. Montano, 17, from El Salvador, and Henry E. Sanchez-Milian, 18, from Guatemala, were charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense after they allegedly attacked the girl at 9 a.m. last Thursday.
By the way, the way I read this article, both attackers might be illegals. This sentence, for example:
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says they have a detainer on Sanchez, a citizen of Guatemala. The agency could not comment on Montano’s case since he is a minor.
So Sanchez is an illegal, and ICE won't comment on the other because he's technically a minor. But the first article noted he was from El Salvador.
It is just not true that all the illegal immigrants to the United States are good, law abiding folk, looking for a great new life. Many are, of course, even as they depress the labor market and commit identity fraud. Often these are the best of their country. But among them are the worst predators and criminals who see a rich, complacent country the way Lions see Gnus at a waterhole.

As for Maryland becoming a sanctuary state, Gov. Hogan promises to veto the legislation, but it's not as if his veto has never been overridden by the our heavily Democratic legislature.
“The Maryland House of Delegates tonight passed an outrageously irresponsible bill that will make Maryland a sanctuary state and endanger our citizens," said Hogan. "This legislation would interfere with our state and local law enforcement's ability to cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities.

"I will veto this dangerously misguided legislation the moment that it reaches my desk.”

Midnite Music - "Kentucky Borderline"

Yee Haa!

Rhonda Vincent:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mallows Bay Sanctuary Under Fire for Expansion

Mallows Bay wreck 
"Why so much?" for Mallows Bay
It appears as if the next national marine sanctuary is going right here in Southern Maryland. And it’s a big deal.

There are only 13 sanctuaries and two marine monuments, and many hope this designation and the much-hoped-for visitor’s center and science labs will bring jobs and tourism to the western part of Charles County.

Over the past three years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and various partners in the public and private sector have been working closely together to come up with a mutually-agreeable plan since the original nomination was submitted in 2014.
 We've seen Mallows Bay before here. It's a place where a huge number of unwanted wooden ships were taken and scuttled in 1925. One of the places in the Bay I haven't been to, and should visit.
 When the sanctuary status was originally proposed, the community was overwhelmingly supportive.

The nomination included three parks — Mallows Bay, Purse State Park along the Potomac and Widewater State Park in Virginia. Known now as “Alternative B,” it covered 18 square miles with six miles of shoreline.

Sammy Orlando, an official from NOAA’s Chesapeake office in Annapolis, said that during the comment period from December 2015 to January 2016, many Marylanders recommended expanding the area to include all the known shipwrecks and adding more access points for kayak launches.

And therein is where the problem lies.

Now NOAA’s preferred option has almost tripled in size, to 52 square miles and 14 miles of shoreline, referred to as “Alternative C,” which does contain all the known shipwrecks in the Potomac and adds Caledon State Park in Virginia.

There’s even a super-sized version, “Alternative D,” which contains 100 square miles and 68 miles of shoreline. It is this option that elicited the most outcry at the meeting.

Indeed, many people expressed that they had supported the original plan and felt like they were now the victims of a “bait and switch.”

Yes, it looks like a water grab now. From a smallish region around Mallows Bay, it is now a large part of the tidal Potomac River? Will they use it to try to exert Federal control over recreational and commercial fishing and recreational boating in the area? Probably not initially, but later? Yeah, probably.

Why Does Alexandria Hate the Bay?

Environmental group says Alexandria can replace sewer by 2024; city disagrees Until then, it will send shit straight into the Potomac River when it rains too hard.
An engineering firm hired by an advocacy group has concluded that the city of Alexandria ought to be able to replace the biggest of its combined sewer systems that send overflow waste into the Potomac River by 2024.

But the city’s top environmental official said the city needs more time than that, arguing that the firm failed to consider all the issues.

The sparring comes while city government officials await a hoped-for amendment to a new state law from Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) that would give them more time to rebuild four sewers that periodically overflow waste and storm water into the river and a tributary.

The General Assembly last month ordered the city to finish all construction by July 1, 2025. City officials say 2029 is the earliest deadline they can meet.

NewFields, an Atlanta-based environmental engineering group, said in a March 10 letter to the Potomac Riverkeeper Network that the city’s schedule to study, plan and build just one of the sewer projects in North Old Town is “inordinately long.”

The group argued that several planning studies should be able to go on simultaneously.
Wow, even under the optimistic projections, it's expected to take 7 years to fix their sewage problem. The city wants 12. It only took 1 year and 45 days to build the Empire State Building. I guess they're not all that serious about saving the Bay. They keep stalling until the farmers are forced to do a larger share.

Reason #5487 That Trump Was Elected

Executive branch agencies who don't want to do their jobs in a Republican administration, and their superiors who allow them to: Secret Service removes agent who didn't want to take 'a bullet' for Trump

The Secret Service will permanently remove a top special agent from her position after an investigation into her Facebook comments that she would rather not defend President Trump or take "a bullet" for him, but some agents are concerned she will simply be transferred to another government job.

About two weeks ago, the Secret Service placed the agent's prior post — the special agent in charge of the Denver District, the top job in that office — on a list of agency openings, according to two Secret Service sources.

Kerry O'Grady, the agent in question, is on administrative leave amid an internal Secret Service investigation into her Facebook comments about Trump.

Current and former Secret Service agents and officers are worried that top officials at the agency are working to shield O'Grady from being fired.
Which would be typical in the federal bureaucracy. If it can happen to a friend, it might happen to you.
They are worried that she will be transferred to another division of the Homeland Security Department and allowed to serve out her time until she can retire with a pension as the agency has done with other officials in the public crosshairs.
Like Lois Lerner, who not only retired but received bonuses after the IRS targeting of Tea Party, and the destruction of evidence.
In addition to other anti-Trump posts, on Inauguration Day, she updated her profile picture to an artist's rendering of Princess Leia with the words, "A woman's place is in the resistance."
Without a job, she won't be forced to choose whether or not to take a bullet for Trump.

Bonus: Federal judge green-lights lawsuit against San Jose for failing to protect Trump supporters outside rally
KCBS reported this week that federal judge Lucy Koh gave the green light to a lawsuit against the city by Trump supporters who allege police did nothing to protect them outside of a rally where an anti-Trump mob had gathered.
. . .
The police department also issued a statement explaining that they didn’t want to risk making the violence any worse by, you know, doing their jobs.

I'm Sold!

Where do I sign up?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You'll Never Guess What I Did Today

It was a nice, windless afternoon, so I gave Trevor a call, and took a trip to the rips. Fishing was decent, but not great. My best was this fat 28 inch fish
And we think this was Trevor's best, at 24 inches.  After a while the bite got slow, and we followed Pete out into deep water looking for Gannets. It was a waste of fishing time, but a nice ride. There were a few out searching for bait, but no concentration of them.

Reason #5486 That Trump Was Elected

Brought to you via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 03.20.17", Megan McArdle explains how Trump's Budget Asks the Right Questions for Conservatives
. . . Conservatives are often accused of “hating government”, and some do. Still, there is a coherent and compelling center-right analysis that doesn’t simply blindly oppose federal spending, but asks of it a few questions:
  • Can the government actually make this problem better?
  • If so, must this problem be solved at the Federal level, or could it be done as easily or better by the states?
  • Even if the government might help solve this problem, would the associated costs in terms of loss of freedom, deadweight losses from regulation or taxation, and the declining accountability and manageability of government as it grows, actually be worth the benefit?
Many government programs currently in existence pass this test. Many on the list of programs and agencies scheduled for cuts do not. I mean, I like the arts. I adore NPR and PBS. But why should some carpenter in Akron who prefers “Duck Dynasty” to “Downton Abbey” be paying taxes so I can enjoy these things? In other cases, I would be willing to bet that the net long-term effect on the welfare of anyone other than those receiving government-funded paychecks was probably close to zero. Then there are the programs which might make sense in some form, but are indefensible as they currently exist. You can make an argument for community development block grants, in terms of developing poor parts of the country that need extra help. But it cannot possibly make sense to offer these grants in every state, even those that are net contributors to the federal budget. Yes, I understand the political arguments for such things -- easier to get New York and California legislators to vote for it. As a policy matter, this is nonsensical. . . 
A shockingly sensible approach.

Also, Opinion: This Budget Isn’t Dead on Arrival
The practical truth is that the president’s budget sets the tone, direction and parameters of the debate over government operations each year. While members of Congress have a stake in making the public and press think that they are in charge of their own constitutional authority to make spending decisions, they tend to follow the course of the president if he is in the same party as the majorities in the House and Senate.

Conservative spending hawks are hailing this budget because they know it is consequential in changing the nature of the debate over the government’s role in American life.

“The people in Washington have mortgages, car payments and bills to pay that depend on government not shrinking,” said Sheila Cole, a former executive director of the Republican Study Committee under then-Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana. “Much of America is tired of their sky-is-falling, big-spending mentality. President Trump is tapping into that sentiment.”
If we had wanted ever expanding and more intrusive government, we could have elected Hillary.

Ain't That the Pits?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Latest Snowflake Outrage: Wonder Woman Has No Armpit Hair
You can't do anything these days without getting the progressives all bent out of shape. You can't even make a movie about an Amazonian warrior princess who can hold her own with the likes of Superman and Batman without wounding the feelings of a modern feminist, because something about that warrior princess will still not be "progressive" enough.
Nope, none!
 So what's "progressive?"
For example: Wonder Woman has shaved her armpits, and THAT IS NOT OK:
Twitter exploded at the revelation, claiming women of the fictional matriarchy Themyscira would probably not shave their armpits. Some speculated that Gadot’s armpits were photoshopped to show a sheen, immaculate visage, unattainable by real women.
Not here either!
Not shaving armpit hair? I guess I'm progressive, and didn't know it!
Many woke, intersectional journalists were also angered by the lack of gross armpit hair.
“Is this seriously still happening in 2017,” cried Slate.
“Do better!" crowed the Revelist.
Refinery29 even pined for a day when Wonder Woman could “prove that women -- even those who are superheroes -- don’t have to cater to beauty standards that are meant to make them more attractive to men.”
Definitely not here!
Actually, I think most female ideals are of female creation. A way to compete for mates.
Seriously, this is the WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

And that's very illustrative of what they are still trying to call "feminist" these days. If whether or not a fictional superhero is a feminist if she shaves her armpits apparently has something to do with the quality of a woman's life in the West, then THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF LIFE FOR WOMEN IN THE WEST IS AWESOME.
Um,you do know that Wonder Woman is a fictional character, right?

Monday, March 20, 2017

A New Blend for Boat Gas in Maryland?

Isobutanol Coming to the Chesapeake
In an effort to find relief from the challenges to fuel containing Ethanol, the Marine Trades Association of Maryland (MTAM) has been working to substitute Isobutanol for Ethanol in Maryland. This required MTAM to send a formal request for an exemption to the regulation that had prevented the splash blending of Isobutanol with fuel. The request was granted. For the near future, this fuel will be available only to on-water fuel facilities.

Advantages of marine fuel with Isobutanol:

  • Ethanol free
  • No phase separation
  • NO water solubility issues
  • 30% higher energy content than ethanol
  • High octane
  • Reduced emissions
  • Made from renewable resources

The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) has tested, recognized, and validated the performance of isobutanol blends in marine engines. Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Sea Doo, Volvo Penta, Honda, Yamaha, and Indmar engines have all been extensively tested on isobutanol blends up to 16%. The manufacturers acknowledge the advantages over ethanol.
I hate ethanol in gas, and especially in boat gas, where water separation is an even worse problem than with land vehicles.The only time I've ever broken down on the water was due to water in the gas, caused by ethanol. Of course, this will not be available cheaply at regular stations, which is how I buy most of my gas, so until the Harbor starts carrying gas again, it won't help me.

Gov. Hogan Pushes MD Fracking Ban

St. Patrick’s Day 2017 got a little greener for Maryland’s environmentalists. During a mid-afternoon press conference Governor Larry Hogan announced his “full support” for a permanent ban on the procedure of hydraulic fracturing—better known as fracking. Hogan’s announcement comes one week to the day after the Maryland House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly on a measure to impose a permanent ban on the procedure that some see as a future necessity to the natural gas industry in the state.

The governor noted in his remarks that there has never been fracking in Maryland. The state’s westernmost portion is located in the area known as the Marcellus shale, targeted as a prime area for natural gas drilling. Noting the state has had a moratorium in place since 2015, Hogan declared it was time for Maryland to transition from “virtually banning” to “actually banning” the controversial drilling procedure.

Fracking has frequently been blame for environmental damage—contamination of well water and earthquakes. “The possible environmental risks outweigh any potential benefits,” said Hogan. “Let’s finally put this issue to rest once and for all.”
Even Obama's EPA couldn't find any significant instances of fracking contaminating well water (and believe me, they tried), and as for earthquakes, that seems to be a function of injecting excess waste water and not just ordinary fracking.  Those are just made up charges they keep repeating over and over.
Hogan indicated he decided to step up and support a fracking ban because he was aware that legislative leaders were leaning toward legislation that would mandate a referendum “to allow for fracking.”

State Senator Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin [D - District 11], who appeared with Hogan at the press conference, thanked the governor “for this important step. There’s no safe way to do fracking. This is not about natural gas.”
Hogan was lucky enough to be elected as a Republican governor in a deep blue state. He has to throw some bones to the dogs. I'm of two minds on a Maryland fracking ban. First, we're a physically small state, so the amount of energy we lose as a result is trivial. Let Pennsylvania make all the money.

However, it pisses me off that rural, eastern MD is denied the jobs and economic development to placate the unthinking demands of the green lobby.

Reason #5486 That Trump Was Elected

Illegal immigrant sentenced to 8 years in jail for voting: I thought I was doing something right. It wasn’t to hurt somebody, or the state, or the government... I voted like a U.S. citizen. The only thing is, I didn’t know I couldn’t vote."
Said Rosa Maria Ortega, a green-card holder who was convicted of voting illegally in 2012 and 2014 and sentenced to 8 years in prison. She's quoted in a NYT article "A Texas Woman ‘Voted Like a U.S. Citizen.’ Only She Wasn’t."

Is it really true that she didn't know she couldn't vote? Wouldn't everyone caught and facing that punishment make that assertion? Aren't people who get a green card told very clearly that they cannot vote? How did she register to vote without being forced to assert that she was a citizen, which she knew was not true? Ah, yes:
While living in neighboring Dallas County, she registered to vote before the 2012 election, checking a box on the registration form that certified that she was a United States citizen. After voting in 2012 and 2014, she moved to Fort Worth’s Tarrant County in 2015, where she registered to vote again — this time, ticking the box that indicated she was not a citizen.
When she told the truth, she was not able to register.
When her registration was rejected, she called elections officials, telling them that she had voted in Dallas. Told that people who checked the noncitizen box were ineligible to vote, she reapplied, this time indicating that she was a citizen.
Pretty much confessing that she knew the law, and believed no one was really checking to see if illegals were calling themselves citizens for the sake of voting.
Finally, the authorities took notice and she was prosecuted. It took all those steps for her to trigger a consequence. That is, if she'd just checked the "citizen" box all along, she'd have gotten away with it. (Like so many others?) And we're invited to feel sorry for her because she's facing punishment:
Her punishment may be unprecedented for an offense that often draws a minimal sentence or probation.... The case resonates in a polarized political environment where some are convinced that immigrants threaten to upend the nation’s shared values more than they continue its long history of accepting and assimilating outsiders. Ms. Ortega’s lawyers say they believe the severity of the sentence stems from the furor over immigration and false claims about voter fraud raised by Donald J. Trump’s nationalistic presidential campaign.....
Ms. Ortega’s lawyers are casting her as a scapegoat. The case, they say, was manufactured to prop up Mr. Trump’s baseless voter-fraud claims....

Baseless? If you believe that, you'd have to think that all noncitizens should just be told to go ahead and vote by simply checking the "citizen" box when they register. How is Ortega a scapegoat? She made herself conspicuous. Her only argument is that she'd have gotten away with it if she'd kept a lower profile.
Even in Texas, look how hard an illegal alien has to try to conspicuously break the law even in a red state like Texas. Imagine how many are doing it in a state like California where the are really trying to get as many registered as possible.

That said, why sentence her to 8 years? Even if it is cut in half as most sentences are 4 years seems like more than enough to encourage illegals not to follow suite. A year or so of bad government food and hard beds, and deporting her back to Mexico would seem ample.

Monday Morning on the Lumber River

Nice scenery.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Devil You Say!

From the great "TaxProf Blog": The IRS Scandal, Day 1409:  'After School Satan Club' Granted Tax-Exempt Status In 10 Days While Conservative Groups Waited Years
Judicial Watch Press Release, IRS Gives “After School Satan Club” Tax-Exempt Status in 10 Days:

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes conservative groups wait years for tax-exempt status an “After School Satan Club” launched to hinder Christian-based counterparts got its nonprofit ranking in just ten days, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. The classification is offered to charitable, religious and educational organizations that operate as nonprofits. Under the Obama administration IRS political appointees illegally targeted conservative groups, either making them wait up to seven years for tax-exempt status or denying their application altogether. Judicial Watch uncovered that scandal and has obtained piles of government records showing how the IRS illegally colluded with another federal agency to single out groups with conservative-sounding terms such as patriot and Tea Party in their titles when applying for tax-exempt status.

In the meantime, leftist groups like the Satan club got fast tracked. The principle goal of establishing the Satan clubs in public schools throughout Washington State appears to be to counter existing enterprises operated by a Christian-based group. Documents obtained by Judicial Watch include the process of establishing an after-school Satan club at Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma. The entity behind the club is a nonprofit called Reason Alliance, which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and operates in Washington State as the Satanic Temple of Seattle. Its director, Lilith X. Starr, established the Point Defiance Elementary Satanic club, the records show. In its application the club states that its purpose is “character development” and that adult instructors are vetted by the Satanic Temple’s “Executive Ministry.” Children ages 5-12 will develop basic critical reasoning, character qualities, problem solving and creative expression, according to the Satanic Temple filings included in the documents. The club logo is a pencil with devil’s horns. Records obtained by Judicial Watch from the Treasury Department show that the Satanic cult applied for tax-exempt status on October 21, 2014 and received it on October 31, 2014.

The parent permission forms ask for the name of the child’s church and pastor, the records show. They also reveal that Starr, the Seattle Satanic Temple director, told Tacoma School District Superintendent Carla Santorno that the clubs are led by “caring Satanists” and each child receives a membership card. Starr also tells the superintendent that the effort to establish after-school Satan clubs in Tacoma schools is in direct response to the Christian-based Good News Clubs operating in campuses throughout the district. This ignited concern among some Tacoma district officials, the records show. In one electronic mail exchange, Tacoma Schools official Andrea O-Brien-Henley sends colleague Paul Koch a citation from the Satanic Temple’s website noting that the temple only wants to establish after-school Satan clubs in school districts with Christian Good News Clubs. O’Brien-Henley notes that it’s odd that the Satanic Temple only targets schools that have Good News Clubs, writing to hear colleague: “If they really want to get their message out to kids it seems kind of odd that they would only be targeting schools with a Good News Club; one would think that they would want to start clubs anywhere there is an *interest* in them.”

Here’s the citation that O’Brien-Henley forwarded to fellow school district official Koch from the Satanic Temple’s website: “How do I start an After School Satan Club in my school district? If there isn’t a chapter of The Satanic Temple near you, but you’re interested in starting and After School Satan Club in your school district, please contact The Satanic Temple. Please keep in mind that the Satanic Temple is not interested in operating After School Satan Clubs in school districts that are not already hosting the Good News Club. However, The Satanic Temple ultimately intends to have After School Satan Clubs operating in every school district where the Good News Club is represented.”

In another exchange, the Executive Director of Communications for the Tacoma School District, Dan Voelpel, expresses concern to colleagues that people will confuse the school district’s message of tolerance toward the Satan Club with tolerance toward alleged “hate-related activities around the country in the wake of the presidential election.” In the records the principal of Point Defiance Elementary reveals that, two weeks after the Satan club was launched, no one had signed up for it. The fact remains however, that the IRS fast-tracked a deranged Satanic cult to operate as a nonprofit in taxpayer-funded elementary schools.
Actually, I kind of understand why it's easier to give a tax break to Satan instead of the Tea Party. It's unlikely that the kids playing with Satanism in high school are going to be spending their time and money plumbing for Beelzebub for Congress. However, if they did any political activity, it would almost certainly be on behalf of democrat candidates, if cannibals, and soul stealers were weren't available.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the IRS is on Satan's team.

Reason #5485 That Trump Was Elected

Professor Jennifer Harvey
Professor Horrified to Learn Daughter likes George Washington, Tells her he was Racist
Professor Jennifer Harvey took to the New York Times yesterday to ask: “Are We Raising Racists?”

She begins her article by recounting how “dismayed” she was that her daughter admired George Washington. Her daughter was “singing the praises” of the first President, which surprised Dr. Harvey.

“I was dismayed,” she writes, “that the peace- and diversity-centered curriculum she gets at her public school had left her with such a one-dimensional view of history.” Her 7-year-old daughter, she felt, needed to know the whole story.

Eventually, her daughter asked her about news. Professor Harvey, after discussing ethics violations with her 7-year-old, said, “Well you know how you’ve been running around here celebrating George Washington? We always talk about George Washington fighting for freedom. But George Washington also owned black people as slaves.”

Dr. Harvey’s small child’s “intrigue turned to horror.”

Along with the conception of George Washington, Professor Harvey starts to wonder what affect society is having on children. And she pins the blame on “parents of white children.”
There's no doubt that a certain tinge of nationalism was, in part responsible for Donald Trump's popularity in the rural areas that vote largely for him in this last election. Most of us like the United States, and think it's  great country, despite any past flaws, and deeply resent the blatant anti-Americanism of our academic and media elites. Our heroes may not have been perfect, but they laid the foundations for a pretty damn good country, and we're tired of them giving it a bad rap.

It May Be a Little Over Sold . . .

But not by much: "The Weirdest Video You will Ever See"

I wonder how much that cost the tax payer?

Can you stand nearly 15 minutes of it?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

RIP: Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry, a music pioneer often called "the Father of Rock 'n' Roll," was found dead Saturday at a residence outside St. Louis, police in St. Charles County said. He was 90.

A post on the St. Charles County police Facebook page said officers responded to a medical emergency at a residence around 12:40 p.m. (1:40 p.m. ET) Saturday and found an unresponsive man inside.

"Unfortunately, the 90-year-old man could not be revived and was pronounced deceased at 1:26 p.m.," the post said. "The St. Charles County Police Department sadly confirms the death of Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr., better known as legendary musician Chuck Berry."

Berry wrote and recorded songs like "Johnny B. Goode" and "Sweet Little Sixteen" that became standards -- songs every garage band and fledgling guitarist had to learn if they wanted to enter the rock 'n' roll fellowship.

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones idolized him. Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys copied him. Bob Seger, recognizing Berry's far-reaching influence, sang "All of Chuck's children are out there playing his licks" in Seger's "Rock and Roll Never Forgets."

Trump Zeros Out Bay Program

In the new budget proposal, the EPA Bay program has been totally cut. Needless to say, a lot of digits are being spent on this in the region:

Bay Journal - Trump bid to axe Bay restoration funding draws fire

Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch - Trump budget axes funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

Capital Gazette (Annapolis, Md.) - Trump proposes complete defunding of Chesapeake Bay Program

The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot - Trump budget would slash funds for Chesapeake Bay cleanup from $73M a year to $0

Washingtonian (D.C.) - Trump Cuts to Chesapeake Bay Program Will Make the Potomac Dirtier, Environmentalists Say

York (Pa.) Dispatch - Trump proposes eliminating Chesapeake Bay program

Dover (Del.) Post - President’s budget shuts down Chesapeake Bay clean up

The Baltimore (Md.) Sun - Chesapeake takes a Trumping

I'm quite sure the Bay Program will survive, but it will be a good opportunity to make them justify their existence.

Reason #5484 That Trump Was Elected

And this is a big one. Donald Trump just submitted his budget for the US and it contains huge cuts for Democrat priorities, and significantly boosts  military spending. The cries from liberals are only a little more shrill than when previous Republicans attempted to shave off pennies. That's what happens when the amp is always set at 9. I doesn't leave you much room to grow:

New York Times: Trump Budget Cuts Put Struggling Americans on EdgeTrump’s Budget Expands the G.O.P.’s War on Math and Trump Takes a Gamble in Cutting Programs His Base Relies On

The Atlantic: The Jobs Programs Trump's Budget Would Cut and Trump’s Budget Could Hurt Manufacturing and Innovation

For a little counterpoint, National Review (home of #NeverTrump): Trump’s Budget Would Shake Up Washington’s Failed Status Quo

Never for a minute do I believe that the resulting budget will even come close to the cuts suggested. The graft is too well ingrained into the system. I do think it's an opening bid in a complex negotiation, and its an attempt to shift the "Overton Window" away from ever expanding government and budgets to a more reasoned approach.