Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Reason #5477 Trump Was Elected

We all gave up on the "Big League" press because of their open biases: Washington Post describes Trump golf course vandalism as ‘daring act of defiance’
California environmental activists vandalized one of Donald Trump’s golf courses is Los Angeles over the weekend. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a small group sneaking onto the course at night and carving a message into one of the greens which read, “No more tigers, no more woods.” While the vandalism itself is noteworthy, perhaps equally significant is the response of the Washington Post. The Post published a news story whose opening line read, “A group of environmental activists pulled off a daring act of defiance.”
Does anyone think a major newspaper would have responded this way if someone had carved a message into the lawn outside President Obama’s former Chicago home? I don’t think so. Indeed someone at the Post must have realized there was a problem because the lede has been changed. It now reads, “A group of environmental activists pulled off an elaborate act of vandalism at one of President Trump’s premier golf courses early Sunday morning.” In addition, there is also an editor’s note at the top of the story which reads, “The beginning of this story was changed to more accurately reflect the nature of the actions taken by a protest group against the Trump golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.”
As Instapundit dryly notes:
I’m sure they’ll feel the same way when Trump fans blockade their printing plant, right?

The left will miss civility when it’s gone.
Only when it works to their disadvantage.

Meanwhile,  Federal Officials Haul Off 800 Garbage Dumpsters at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Campsites.
“In total, there were 835 roll-off dumpsters of trash and debris removed from the three camps together,” Hignight said in an email to reporters Monday.
. . .
They set aside some items, such as propane tanks and lumber, for recycling, the Associated Press reported.

A local animal shelter rescued six dogs, bringing the total number of dogs rescued at the sites to 12.
Environmentalism at its finest.

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