Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Guess What?

I went fishing again. Ron called while I was down on the beach with Skye, so I cut the walk a little short, and hurried home to meet him at the harbor.
 It was warm today, with the possibility of a thunderstorm.  Fishing was decent, no 30+ inch fish for us, but a fair number of high 20+ inch fish. I snapped this picture of Ron and one of his right after I released it's twin.
The storm materialized. We got a good drenching for 20 minutes or so. The rain gear I brought paid off.
After it passed us, the thunder started, and there was a pretty good lightening show down the bay a few miles.
For most of the afternoon, we alternated drifting the power plant discharge with Walleye Pete, out with his afternoon charter.
Not the most brilliant sunset, but not bad.

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