Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Did It Again

Went fishing, that is:

I met Ron and Travis at oh dark thirty, with the sun just getting ready to rise.

 Not the best sunrise ever, but you get what you get.
 Calvert Cliffs in the near distance.
 My first, and biggest fish of the day, 40 inches. That makes 3 40s in 2 days, not a bad spell
Travis in the foreground, and Ron in the background with good fish. It wasn't as easy as yesterday, but especially in the morning, it was still pretty good.
 Some good marks.
Pete was out there making a living today (he's the short one).
Travis with a good one. Travis had to go to work so we took him back to the dock around 10:30. Then Ron and I went back after noon, and stayed until 4:30 or so. The afternoon bite was much more difficult, but some good fish were caught.
 Ron with a bent stick
Interesting pattern on this fish. It look like a couple of big patches of regrown scales. Was it injured in the past.

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