Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reasons #5467 and #5468 Trump Was Elected

Brought to you from Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 03.07.17"

First, this piece by Don Surber:  Washington Post Accidentally Tells The Truth
. . . Here is the story by Antonio Olivo on Friday:
After decades in America, the newly deported return to a Mexico they barely recognize
MEXICO CITY — The deportees stepped off their flight from El Paso looking bewildered — 135 men who had left families and jobs behind after being swept up in the Trump administration’s mounting effort to send millions of undocumented immigrants back to their economically fraught homeland.
As they filed into Mexico City International Airport last week, government employees handed them free ham-and-cheese sandwiches, Mexican ID cards and information directing them to social services in the capital.
“Welcome back!” a cheerful government worker called out, taking down names and phone numbers.
Then the men, who had spent as many as 20 years in the United States before being caught and held in detention for several weeks, walked out into a Mexico many of them barely remember, where job opportunities are scarce and worries about the worst inflation in a decade await them.
The editorial-news story's point is they don't belong there. Culturally. Economically.
Just like they do not belong in the United States.

The difference being that billionaire Jeff Bezos and his staff fret for Mexico. Why this infusion of Mexicans into Mexico will increase social costs, change the culture, and lower wages.

From Antonio Olivio's editorial-news story:
More returnees means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, where competition for jobs is likely to increase, economists say.
Moreover, the loss of remittances from the United States — Mexico’s second-largest source of revenue at roughly $25 billion last year — could have devastating effects, particularly in rural areas.
At the same time, though, there will be more English-speaking Mexicans entering the workforce who’ve honed their skills in the United States, a development that in the long run could position Mexico to be a stronger player in the global economy, analysts say.
That last point is interesting, but do not overlook the impact of the loss of remittances -- welfare sent back home by illegal aliens.

That is the leverage the United States has. I wonder if our myriad of federal drug laws give President Trump the power to cut off all remittances to a narco state like Mexico.

At any rate, it is nice of the Washington Post to finally admit that illegal immigration has a very harmful effect on the nation.
I read the story myself, and I did note that the Post managed to see that returning workers would tend to depress wages in Mexico, not that they would ever point that out that they also do so in the US. But I didn't distill out the point that the Post just doesn't really care if these workers harm the United States, but does care if returning them harms Mexico. It's like they're not really on our side anymore.

And from Shot in the Dark: Why I Ignore The “Journalistic Fact-Check” Racket
Politifact says President Trump is right…

rates him “mostly false” anyway.

They don’t “check facts”. They ensure congruency with the narrative. No more.
What do they have in common? A press more interested in the narrative than the truth.

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