Wednesday, March 8, 2017

They're Here!

I was supposed to go fishing with Ron at noon today, but while I was sitting around at 9:30 AM drinking coffee, I got a call from Walleye Pete to see if I wanted to go out and check out the rips. He had a sneaking suspicion that with the plant back up to full steam (literally), the fish might have come back in great numbers.
Sunny, bright and warm, with a stiff NW wind (turning west later), the conditions weren't ideal, but when we got there, it was literally a fish on every cast. They have arrived.
IIRC, this is the little 40 inch fish I caught after I caught a 43 inch fish (my camera wouldn't come on for Pete, so I'll have to wait for Pete to send me a picture of it off his phone). I texted Ron, and told him to hurry down, and we picked him up back at the dock at 11:30, and started again.
I just can't stress how awesome the fishing was. We often had three fish on at one time. Here, Pete waits for Ron to bring in a typical sized fish.
We headed home around 2 PM qith the fish still hitting and I went home to eat lunch and walk Skye. Pete called Dan and Jerry and scheduled a second shift.
Skye and I walked around the harbor just in time to see the second shift arrive, and after harassing the pair of Canada Geese that are threatening to become resident, we were down by the jetty when they left the harbor.
See ya later!

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