Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Beach Report: First Butterflies of 2017

Skye and I headed off for the beach around noon today. As we rounded the corner at the harbor, this male Hooded Merganser surface quite close (it must have been feeding on the bottom), got alarmed, and huffed off, doing a good display of his head, which you can only sort of see in the picture because of the angle.
Temperatures are in the mid 60s today, with a strong SW wind, which leave the water near the beach almost flat, while trying to take off my had. Pretty amazing weather for early March. But we'll take it. We're supposed to get snow on Sunday.
Do you see the butterfly? Me neither, but I think one was in the frame. I got a pretty good glimpse of it, and I'm sure it was a Winter Spring Azure. I also saw that dandelion of butterflies, the Cabbage White, and a medium sized orange red one that could have been a Comma or Painted Lady on the way home.
Despite the lovely weather, the beach was nearly deserted, these being the only people we passed on the beach. Skye wanted to say "hi!" to the other dogs, but I decided the guy had his hands full, literally.

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