Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Transparency at Clinton.com

Instapundit reports: EXPECT FIREWORKS: Wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails. They’re here.
Given that Wikileaks is widely regarded as a front for Russian intelligence, I wonder how they got them? . . . .
Meh, it looks to me like they are cataloging the emails that were already released. Now, if they come up with unredacted copies of emails that were released with redactions, that would be something to notice.

Hillary’s latest shower of email shoes
Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac tête-à-tête with Bill Clinton got the attention late last week, tainting as it might any Justice Department findings in the Hillary Clinton probes. But don’t forget the bombs that landed just days earlier in the ongoing saga of the ex-secretary of state’s email abuses.

Monday brought news of another nearly three dozen emails that she failed to fork over. And top Hillary aide Huma Abedin’s Tuesday deposition highlighted further email problems.

The latest batch of emails comes courtesy of Abedin’s own emails — and a Freedom of Information suit from Judicial Watch. The Clinton camp has yet to explain why Hillary’s “complete” email dump left out these missives — or any of the other “missing” emails that have surfaced.

One gem is a March 2009 note from Clinton to Abedin and another State employee: “I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State. Who managed both my personal and official files? . . . I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want.”
. . .
With every newly released email, Clinton’s message is clear: All her business is personal, even if it’s actually government business.
Just a reminder: Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedules Because, transparency!
A former State Department official told The Post it was unprecedented for a diplomat to destroy a schedule like this.

“I spent eight years at the State Department and watched as four US ambassadors and two secretaries of state shared their daily schedules with a variety of State Department employees and US officials,” said Richard Grenell, former diplomat and US spokesman at the United Nations.

“I’ve never seen anyone put their schedule in the burn bag — because every one of them had a state.gov email address and therefore their daily schedules became public records, as required by law.”
Biden on Hillary Investigation: Hard to Believe She Did Anything ‘Intentionally Wrong’ He's not trying hard enough, in fact, he's not trying at all.   Trump: 'Only a fool' thinks the Clinton-Lynch meeting wasn't arranged Advantage, Donald. Speaking of the Donald: ABC's Martha Raddatz hilariously misreads a Donald Trump tweet — She adds "Crooked" in front of "Hillary Clinton"!

Trump is a marketing genius. The Washington Post is concern trolling for Hillary: Can Hillary Clinton overcome her trust problem? Not with me, ever. Hillary Clinton’s Negatives Complicate Ties Down the Ballot. He's got her back: Obama to tell foe-to-friend story at Hillary Clinton event. As if I needed another reason not to trust her.

You Owe Them Nothing - Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience
. . . Hillary Clinton is manifestly guilty of multiple felonies. Her fans deny it half-heartedly, but mostly out of habit – in the end, it’s fine with them if she’s a felon. They don’t care. It’s just some law. What’s the big deal? It doesn’t matter that anyone else would be in jail right now for doing a fraction of what she did. But the law is not important. Justice is not important.

The attorney general secretly canoodles with the husband of the subject of criminal investigation by her own department and the president, the enforcer of our laws, shrugs. The media, the challenger of the powerful, smirks. They rub our noses in their contempt for the law. And by doing so, demonstrate their contempt for us.

Only power matters, and Hillary stands ready to accumulate more power on their behalf so their oaths, their alleged principles, their duty to the country – all of it goes out the window. But it’s much worse than just one scandal that seems not to scandalize anyone in the elite. Just read the Declaration of Independence – it’s almost like those dead white Christian male proto-NRA members foresaw and cataloged the myriad oppressions of liberalism’s current junior varsity tyranny. . . 
It goes without saying, read the whole thing.


If Elizabeth Warren ever had a single original thought in her head, it long ago died of starvation. She achieved national fame by claiming that no one got rich on their own because the police protect factories. That was probably a more compelling argument back when the stereotypical millionaire got rich from factories. But Warren was cribbing from the twenties because she has no new ideas.
. . .
Bill and Hillary made a fortune through corruption and conflicts of interest. They are the least qualified people in the world to hurl accusations of greed and grubbing at anyone. And trotting out Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” who got paid $350,000 to teach a single course is almost as bad.

Elizabeth Warren attacked Trump for conflicts of interest. Warren is a living conflict of interest. She ranted about student debt after singlehandedly eating up the tuition fees of seven students.
Good and Bad Royals: Elizabeth II and The Clintons. If it comes to that, I'd take Queen Elizabeth any day. Too bad her son is such a doofus.

Via Larwyn's Linx, Max Blumenthal, Friend of Hillary, Reminds Us That He Is Scum of the Earth,
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