Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Biden Does the Limbo, or, How Low Can He Go?

Capt. Ed at Haut Hair reports Slidin' Biden hits 34% approval in latest Civiqs poll. I really didn't think there was room to go so low:

But unlike Shemika Campbell he's not exactly ecstatic about it. Guy Benson at Town Hall watches NBC News: Biden 'Rattled' By Polling, Angry He's Not Getting Enough Credit. At the Wa Free Bee, Biden Fumes at White House Staff Amid Abysmal Poll Numbers. Even Biden apologist AllahPundit at Haut Hair, Report: Biden mad at staff for constantly walking back his gaffes. They're just trying to avert WWIII. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Civil War Explodes in the White House as the Rush to Absolve Joe Biden of All His Failures Commences. Ace, Let the Pre-Criminations Begin: NBC "News" Interviews White House Staffers and Discovers That Joe Biden Is a Very Cranky Old Man Who's Blaming His Staff For His Disastrous First (and Only) Term. Althouse, Biden's in trouble, and the solution could be... Anita Dunn! "The idea that women will rescue Joe Biden is persistent and strange." Randy DeSoto at WSJ catches Biden's Slip of the Tongue that Denigrates Our Entire Political System: 'Democracy Is Not Perfect; It's Never Been Good'. Michael Goodwin at NYPo reminds Joe Biden The US loves a winner, not a whiner. Hey, you wanted the job.

The GOP Senatorial primary in Pennsylvania continues to drag on. Fox, Trailing Oz by just over 900 votes in GOP Senate primary, McCormick asks for hand recount in 12 PA counties. At Da Wire, Pennsylvania Court Hears Arguments That Could Decide Oz-McCormick Contest, whether or not to count undated mail-in ballots. Oz is against, McCormick is pro. At Breitbart, Justice Samuel Alito Blocks Appeals Court Ruling on Counting Undated Ballots in Pennsylvania, so the matter will be further delayed until the Supes decide whether to take it or not.

Trying to encourage it, AP announces Some Democrats voting in GOP primaries to block Trump picks. I could do the same in MD to try to block stupid Democrats. Max Bot opines WaPoo, via Haut Hair, Does Georgia mean Trump has lost his hold on the GOP? Hardly.  I agree, but I don't characterize it as badly. AllahPundit whines that Trump says There's something fishy about Brian Kemp's primary win in Georgia. I think he won fair and square via the power of incumbency. The Peacock whimpers about how Liz Cheney's 'uphill' path to re-election runs through Trump, "Even as her renomination looks unlikely, her allies insist she's focused on winning in Wyoming — not on creating a platform to run for president in 2024." At HE, Thad McCotter: Mr. Trump Threads His Needle. MSN hoping, Can Gun Violence Become a National Campaign Issue?

On '2000 Mules', by Hans von Spakovsky, The Fraud that Dare Not Speak its Name, "Dinesh D'Souza's 2,000 Mules raises forbidden questions." At the LAT, Compton City Council election overturned in wake of vote rigging scandal. But I thought there was not such thing as election fraud? And, you mean it is possible to overturn an election after the fact? 

At Da Caller, a POLL: Most Americans Blame Biden For Rampant Inflation. Breitbart, Poll: Most Americans Blame Biden, Not Russia, for Rampant Inflation in the U.S. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, High Gas Prices are Caused by Governments, Not Companies. Taxes are higher than profit margins. At Breitbart again, ‘Calm Before the Storm’: Gas Prices 45 Cents Higher than One Month Ago. Will they drop now that Memorial Day is done? From I&I, Without Fossil Fuels, There Is No Need For Electricity. "A forced reduction in the use of coal, natural gas, and crude oil would lead us to life as it was without the crude oil infrastructure and those products made from oil that did not exist before 1900, i.e., the decarbonized world that existed in the 1800’s and before when life was hard, and life expectancy was short." City Journal claims Joe Biden’s Climate Policy Was Bound to Disappoint. "Wholly Misplaced: A climate policy that subordinates all other competing interests to environmental goals is unrealistic and undesirable." J Corsi at Am Think thinks (no, not yet), Biden's Energy Inflation Is No Accident. TNP notes that the White House Supply Chain Advisor Is a World Economic Forum Climate Change Activist Who Worked at Hunter Biden’s Think Tank (Betty Cremmins). Does she give Hunter a cut, and does he set aside 10% for "The Big Guy?" Joel Kotkin at Unherd says California needs a recession, "Its progressive rulers deserve a rude awakening." It's voters surely do, too.

From CNS News, AG Garland Warns Harvard Grads, 'Magnitude' of January 6 Must Not Be 'Downplayed or Understated'. Bulwark Girlz Amanda Carpenter whines Kevin McCarthy’s Jan. 6th Coverup is Underway, "The man who wants to be speaker of the House refuses to cooperate with the Jan. 6th investigation" As he should.  At HE, Former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Files Lawsuit Over Grand Jury Subpoena
In his 88-page lawsuit, Navarro named defendants including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, all members of the Inquisition and U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C. Matthew Graves, Just the News reports.

Navarro argues that the Inquisition is “neither duly authorized nor properly constituted and therefore its legislative acts, including its subpoena issued to me…are therefore ultra vires, unlawful, and unenforceable.”
. . .
“If, in this case, the Committee and Joe Biden are able to effectively establish the principle that an incumbent can strip his predecessor of both executive privilege and testimonial immunity, just imagine what will happen to Joe Biden and his advisers if Republicans win both the White House and House in 2024,” he wrote. “In fact, I don’t need to imagine this repeat of the strategic game. If I’m not dead or in prison, I will lead the charge.”

Da Caller, The Rapid Uptick In LGBT Identification Is Driven By People Who Are Actually Straight, Report Finds "University students majoring in social sciences and humanities were found to be about 10 points more LGBT than those studying STEM. 52% of students taking “highly political” majors, such as race or gender studies, identify as LGBT." positing Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair to question How much of the LGBTQ "surge" is real?. Not much, if any. John Sexton, What the gender-identity movement gets wrong about free speech. Someday they might need it, too. At Breitbart, Virginia AG Backs Fired Teacher in First Amendment Case over Preferred Pronouns. Good. Stacey Lennox at PJ Media tells the story of the Georgia Mom Barred From School District Property After Speaking Out at School Board Meeting. From Twitchy, ‘They say it’s innocent. They LIE’: Libs of TikTok shares ‘MEGA DRAG THREAD’ dropping each and EVERY ‘groomer apologist’. The woman is a national treasure. Another reason for my long standing unofficial boycott, Taco Bell: Come for the Diarrhea, Stay for the Drag Show (Kevin Downey at PJ Media). Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall has the canonical list: Dozens of Babylon Bee Headlines Have Come True. Here's the Complete List.

AllahPundit confused by Supreme Court.  5-4: SCOTUS temporarily blocks new Texas social media law -- but three conservatives dissent. Scalia did think Kagan was the smart one. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Penelope Cruz on time at The Other McCain.

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