Tuesday, June 28, 2022

More Bad New for Biden, The Push Seen Round the World, J6 Calls 'Surprise' Witness

We 'll start this morning with Capt. Ed (Haut Hair) noting Slidin' Biden sinks in CBS/YouGov poll -- and even Dems agree economy is getting "bad". How low can he go? Mike Ginsberg at Da Caller finds a Top Pollster Gives More Bad News For Democrats’ Midterm Chances. Little steps. 

Joe Szymanski, the lead elections handicapper at Elections Daily, shifted three Democrat-held seats Monday from “lean Democratic” to “tossup” and two from “safe Democratic” to “likely Democratic.” He also shifted a Republican-held seat from “likely Democratic” to “lean Democratic.” The five Democrat-held seats were the subjects of heated GOP primaries, while Republican Mayra Flores won a special election to represent Texas’ 34th District through January.

Haut Hair reads the NYT, Biden irked by Dems who won't take "yes" for an answer on 2024 "Mr. Biden has been eager for signs of loyalty — and they have been few and far between." Dave Drehle at WaPoo opines Ron DeSantis’s snub of Trump is a 2024 challenge, "The first rule of bar fighters, so I am told, is: Always land the first punch." Kyle Smith at NYPo reports CNN gives Kamala Harris the easiest layup — and she still misses

At RCP,  More Than 1M Voters Switch to GOP in Warning for Dems. "over the last year, roughly two-thirds of the 1.7 million voters who changed their party affiliation shifted to the Republican Party. In all, more than 1 million people became Republicans compared to about 630,000 who became Democrats." Capt. Ed chortles about The Million Voter March: Guess who's winning the party-switching sweepstakes this cycle?. Eric Lendrum at Am Great, Over One Million Voters Switch From Democrat to Republican Ahead of Midterms. At the Wa Free Bee, Blue Exodus: More Than a Million Democrats Switch to Republican Party, "Republicans win back suburban voters." Ace, Walk Away: One Million Voters Flip From D to R NationallySome suburban Karens are getting a little freaked out by how freaky-deaky the Democrat Party has become, reports AP. Althouse, more in sorrow than in anger, "More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year...". At NYPo, Democrats cater to the woke at their electoral peril

At NR (cited at Haut Hair), the sometimes readable Kevin Williamson asks Will Dobbs matter in November?  He seems to think it's not as big as they hope. I agree. Haut Hair also cites the NYT, The ruling was just the beginning: Both sides mobilize over abortion. Anxious anxiously warns Democrats bet on Roe's ballot power. AllaPundit at Haut Hair  pleased as punch that in a Post-Roe NPR poll: Dems surge to seven-point lead on generic ballot, but he is honest enough to point out it leaned heavily Democrat before the ruling. "Ed reminds me that NPR’s polling also found Biden enjoying a huge eight-point bounce in job approval after the State of the Union in March. How has that worked out?" PJ Media's Stacey Lennox reports Allen West Says Dobbs Won't Prevent a Red Wave in November. Chris Queen at PJ Media, issues a Red Wave Watch, and I issue a counting chickens warning. 

Sundance at CTH is unhappy about A Combative Interview Between Bret Baier and Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake, Video. All politicians deserve tough interviews. At the Wa Free Bee, ‘Desperate’: Democrat Who’s Been in Congress Since 1983 Goes After ‘People in Washington,’ "Ohio's Marcy Kaptur distances herself from D.C. after serving for nearly four decades." Did she get a far out of town as Germantown? Also, Illinois Dem Releases Comically Bad Campaign Ad, "This is the worst political ad I've ever seen."

Nick Arama at Red State thinks Pelosi's Response About Pushing Mayra Flores' Daughter Makes It Worse. She claims she was pushing her out "into the picture." Virginia Kruta at Da Wire reports on how Mayra Flores Responds To Video Of Pelosi Elbowing Her Daughter “I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her. She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen. No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!” Sundance, Daughter of Mayra Flores Stands Her Ground After Shove from Nancy Pelosi. Lou Aguilar at Am Spec takes on Latinos Versus the Demoncrats, "An exorcism might be in order for the Democrat party."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.27.22, The Geller Report: Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections and New York Supreme Court strikes down law that allowed non-citizens to vote, and  BattleSwarm  Texas Woman Pleads Guilty To 26 Counts Of That Voter Fraud Democrats Swear Doesn’t Exist. Spence Brown at Town Hall reports a Judge Rules New York City Election Law Unconstitutional. Jazz Shaw At Haut Hair fills in the blank, NY Supreme Court strikes down law allowing non-citizens to vote. At Am Think, Andrea Widburg is outraged at A South Carolina Democrat strategizes about sleepers in Republican campaigns. Breitbart, Listen: South Carolina Democrat Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews Pushes ‘Sleeper’ Republicans in Leaked Call. I ain't skeered, they couldn't pretend to be Republicans long enough.

In J6 Committee "news", CNN reports on what they hope to be riveting new drama, Former Meadows aide will testify before January 6 committee on Tuesday, sources say. Breitbart, Jan. 6 panel calls surprise hearing to present new evidence. At Twitchy, Dan Rather calls the suspense behind today’s surprise January 6 witness a ‘who shot J.R.?’ moment. Who did shoot JR, does anyone remember, or care? Apparently she will claim that several Trumpies sought or at least considered getting pre-emptive pardons. Rep. Andy Biggs at HE, Media Inflation Surrounding the January 6 Committee Distracts Americans From Democrats’ Failures.   

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.27.22, the The Federalist: J6 Committee Ignores Witness’s Ties To Zuckerberg-Funded Group That Manipulated 2020 ElectionFBI Raids Target Democrats’ Political Foes Instead Of True Criminals, and Democrats Have Become A Serious Threat To The RepublicMargot Cleveland at the Fed reports Former White House Staffer Confirms Jan. 6 Committee Lied About DOJ Attorney. At Breitbart, Ken Klukowski Accuses January 6 Committee of Withholding And Misrepresenting Critical Evidence, Challenges It to Release His Full Transcript. I&I opines on Jan. 6, Adam Schiff, And The Real Big Liars — And Why It Matters. At Da Fed, Olivia Hajicek notes how the J6 Committee Ignores Witness’s Ties To Zuckerberg-Funded Group That Manipulated 2020 Election

At Am Great, Lloyd Billingsley calls it More Than a Stalinist Show Trial "Beyond the January 6 committee hearings, Stalinism advances on other fronts. . . . Stalin aimed to eliminate his rivals, and the January 6 session targets Donald Trump, first and foremost." At Breitbart, Raskin: ‘Not My Principle Interest’ Trump Criminally Charged. Kenneth R. Timmerman at Am Think, Gaslighting Committee Attempts Launch of Banana Republic. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great warns the January 6 Committee Ignores Key Questions About FBI. "Jeffrey Rosen and current Justice Department officials do not want Americans to know about the agency’s deep involvement in the events of January 6." At CNN, John Eastman searched and had phone seized by federal agents last week, he says

Last Wednesday, about six federal investigators approached Eastman in New Mexico when he was exiting a restaurant after dinner with his wife and a friend, according to the court filings. He was patted down, and "forced to provide [facial] biometric data to open" the phone, Eastman's court filing said.

Agents were able to get access to Eastman's email accounts on his iPhone 12 Pro, the filings said.

More from WaPoo, Agents seize phone of lawyer who pushed Trump false elector claims

In court papers seeking the return of his phone, Eastman argues that because he was never a Justice Department employee, he is “outside of the OIG’s jurisdiction.”

The court papers say that when Eastman asked to see the warrant, the request was refused. He was frisked, his iPhone taken from him, and he was “forced to provide biometric data to open” the phone, the filing says.

That claim may become a matter of dispute, since the warrant for his phone explicitly states that he may be asked to willingly provide a password or biometric data but cannot be forced to provide that information.

WaPoo whines They backed a Jan. 6 commission. Now, they face heat in GOP primaries. "Next test comes Tuesday, when five of 35 House Republicans who voted for commission will be on ballot" Matt Margolis at PJ Media Liz Cheney Gets a Rude Awakening, when she finds her role on the J6 Com won't counteract her support for Dobbs with the Democrats and the media (but I redund). AllahPundit fears, The big winner from the January 6 hearings: Ron DeSantis?. Whipping a dead horse, I&I reports Pelosi Readies New Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, Says ‘Third Time’s The Charm’  

Althouse, "We’re never going to be the ones to cross the police barrier or cross something in order to get to somebody."

Said Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of Proud Boys, in a recorded video conference on Dec. 30, 2020, quoted in "Proud Boys Ignored Orders Given at Pre-Jan. 6 Meeting/The directives, given during a video conference, included obeying police lines and keeping away from ordinary protesters. But members of the far-right group played aggressive roles in several breaches at the Capitol" (NYT).

Lawyers for the Proud Boys say the recorded meeting is a key piece of exculpatory evidence, contradicting claims by the government that a conspiracy to attack the Capitol was hatched several weeks before Jan. 6.

In court filings, prosecutors have claimed that the Proud Boys began to plan their assault as early as Dec. 19, 2020 — the day that President Donald J. Trump posted a tweet announcing his Jan. 6 rally and saying it would be “wild.” But the video conference shows that, just one week before the event, when Mr. Tarrio and other Proud Boys leaders gathered their team for a meeting, they spent most of their time discussing things like staying away from alcohol and women and taking measures to ensure their own security....

Ace, Seventy-Two Hours Later, and The Left is Still Reacting Perfectly Calmly and Normally to the Dobbs Decision. Paul Krause at Am Think thinks The Left-wing Insurrection Intensifies. At Da Wire, In The Wake Of Roe v. Wade, Attacks On Churches, Pregnancy Centers Escalate. "Data compiled by the Susan B. Anthony List and CatholicVote has found that dozens of centers have been attacked since the the early May leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion indicating that Roe v. Wade might be overturned." Breitbart has PHOTOS: Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Roe v. Wade Decision. Breitbart, Pro-Abortion Protesters Arrested in Oregon for ‘Night of Rage’ Violence. Forget it Jake, it's Portland. KT at Haut Hair, Rudy Giuliani assaulted in New York grocery store, worker arrested. Bob Spencer at PJ Media, Leftist Assaults Rudy Giuliani in Grocery Store, Claiming He’s ‘Gonna Kill Women.’ At Wa Free Bee a Transgender Activist Who Created ‘Gender Unicorn’ Calls for ‘Supreme Court Assassination Challenge’. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox:  06.27.22, EBL, Democrat Days Of Rage and Louder With Crowder notes Leftists Call for a ‘Sex Strike’ in the Wake of Dobbs, Totally Miss the Irony, and Leftists Cry Bloody Murders After a Man Drives Truck Through Protest, no one hurt.  At Da Caller, Patagonia To Bail Out Employees Arrested At Pro-Abortion Protests. PJ Media's Stephen Kruiser says  Unhinged Abortion Left Should Probably Focus on Mental Health Care for a While, their own. John Hinderacker at Power Line wonders Why the Abortion Hysteria?

I think several elements are at work here, but the most basic is that liberals (Democrats) do not want to take the issue of abortion to the voters. They do not want to have to make their case. They do not want to have to argue and persuade. Rather, they want all views opposed to their own to be banned and unheard. Delegitimized.

This is perhaps the dominant fact of 21st Century politics. Liberals don’t want to debate, they don’t want to persuade. They want to censor. They want some higher authority, whether the Supreme Court, Twitter, or corporate America, to declare all views but theirs out of bounds. They don’t want to participate in democratic politics, they want to rule by fiat. For all their wailing about “our democracy,” the last thing liberals want is the actual give and take of a democracy, which usually entails compromise.

And in the interest of getting on with life, DIY on the Stupid Biden Economy:

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