Monday, June 6, 2022

Old Man Down, DeSantis Up, Gas Up

Down by the docks of the city. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall says Biden's Approval Rating is Sinking Faster Than the Titanic. Maybe not quite that fast. Nick Arama at Red State, Biden Gets Destroyed in New Poll That's the Worst Yet, as Gas Prices Soar to Incredible Amounts. Jon Gabriel at AZ Central, Hey, Team Biden, the problem isn't your political messaging. It's reality. "Inflation is soaring, economists are warning of a recession, moms still can’t find baby formula. And gas prices remain too damn high." At Fox, Dan Bongino: I am done with Biden's 'blame game,' he simply can't take responsibility for anything. "Dan Bongino wants to know who is 'actually running the country." Rajam Laad at Am Think thinks Troubling questions about Biden's vacation days. It doesn't really matter, his minders are running the country anyway.

From Breitbart, House Republicans Release Framework Aimed at ‘Restoring the American Family’. It's a nice thought, but I doubt they can make a significant impact against the welfare state. Josh Kraushaar at National Journal want you to Meet the six House Republicans still sweating reelection. "House Democrats are playing almost exclusively on defense in this year’s midterms. But they’re still targeting six Republicans, whose fortunes will determine the scope of an expected GOP wave." At Am Great Paul Gottfried worries the November Red Wave May Fail To Materialize. "National polls and presidential head to heads obscure fundamental Democratic Party strengths going into the midterms." Never discount the GOP abilities to f*ck things up. Jon Levine at NYPo reports on some blue on blue action, Rep. Carolyn Maloney accuses Rep. Jerry Nadler of sexism in primary challenge. NYT, cited by Haut Hair, Fetterman's heart issues add wild card to PA Senate race and WaPoo, Inside John Fetterman’s changing health scare story, "The Pa. Senate candidate’s heart condition is much more serious than first revealed, raising concerns among some Democrats"

Newsweek is happy, Trump Loses to DeSantis in 2024 Straw Poll at Conservative Summit—Again. I can live with that. Da Beast claims Trump Endorses Kevin McCarthy, Pisses Off His Own Supporters. You must consider the alternatives. From WaEx, a Great Moment in bravery, GOP representative would support Trump again if he apologizes for Jan. 6 (Tom Rice, R-SC). At Twitchy, Awww, isn’t that ADORBS?! Lefties’ cute little trend ‘Under Trump’ meant to trash 45 HIJACKED by the Right and it’s a glorious thing.

At Da Wire, ‘Trying To Intimidate Me’: Peter Navarro Rips January 6 Committee, DOJ After Indictment. David Zuckerman at Am Think thinks the Navarro arrest is a Democrat assault on American liberty. But from Breitbart, Department of Justice Declines to Prosecute Meadows, Scavino, Dealing Blow to January 6 Committee and Cheney: January 6 Probe Found Evidence of ‘Extremely Broad,’ Chilling ‘Conspiracy’, by discussing doing something she doesn't approve of. WaPoo, Jan. 6 committee set to make its case public with prime-time hearings. Sundance at CTH, Sunday Talks, Shifty Schiff Discusses Political Intent of J6 Hearings Scheduled Next Week, Broadcasting in 8pm Prime Time TV Hour. Great, a prime time show trial! 

Also, Sunday Talks, John Ratcliffe Discusses Sussmann Verdict, Questions Mueller Inc, and Says Justice is Going to Have to Come from the Ballot Box. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed asks Why Won’t The Pulitzer Board Answer Trump On Whether Its ‘Review Process’ Is Legit Enough To Revoke Prizes For Russia Hoax Propaganda?. What, admit they f*cked up? Mark Pulliam at Am Great on how The Legal Profession Brooks No Dissent, "Trump’s political opponents are proving themselves to be “sore winners,” seeking retribution against those who unsuccessfully challenged the election results." Mark Judge (remember him from the Kavanaugh hearing?) want us to Hang Michael Avenatti Around the Media’s Neck Until Christ Returns in Glory. I'm down with that. 

Susie Moore at Red State informs us that MO AG’s Office Subpoenas Records From Non-Profit That Doled out ‘Zucker Bucks’, and if they don't comply, put them in jail.

Liberals in shock as Fox Business reports Musk's Twitter acquisition clears U.S. antitrust review.

JTN notes a Steady climb to $5: Gas prices spike again Saturday. "Nine states already have breached the $5 a gallon price threshold." Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Under Joe Biden, We’ve Set 18 Records For High Gas Prices In Just 19 Days. Deroy Murdock at Am Spec, Brandon Strikes Again! Gas Prices Double on Sleepy Joe’s Watch. "Forget talk of World War III. His real war is the War on Oil." CNN whines Off-the-charts gas price hikes are a big problem for Democrats. And just to throw (expensive) gasoline on the fire, David Middleton at WUWT reports Biden Considering Retroactive Cancellation of Federal Oil & Gas Leases… As Gas Prices Approach $10/gal in California. At WaEx, Pent-up demand insulates tourism industry from soaring gas prices. John Klar at Am Think wants you to know about The worst shortage you haven't heard of, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), needed by most modern diesel engines for air quality, made of urea. 

Atop da Hill, Commerce secretary says she ‘probably’ didn’t learn of baby formula shortage until April. John Stossel at Front Page, is Out of Baby Formula. "The real reason for the shortage" is governmental inflexibility. Jon Levine at NYPo has some good news, Abbott labs reopening shuttered Michigan baby formula plant, but relief will be slow to arrive. 

Cardi B
At Twitchy, ‘More than eight in 10 Americans’: ABC tweets poll results on importance of the economy ahead of midterms. Brian Joondeph at Am Think calls it Hurricane Joe – A Category Five Economic Calamity. Virginia Krutat at Da Wire hears ‘Even Cardi Misses Trumponomics’: Cardi B Wants To Know When ‘They’ Will Announce The Recession. I&I explains How The White House Fumbled The Inflation Football And Lost The Game. Mark Ross at Am Think explores The Democrat tax strategy that will tighten the noose around the middle class's neck. Chris Roach at Am Great  says No One Knows How to Tackle Inflation "It’s worth remembering that everything that has happened recently—the 2008 recession and the current inflationary episodes—happened at the hands of the experts." I have my own theory, Fritz's uncertainty principle, that when experts agree on what drives economics, that changes peoples economic behavior, and the outcome changes away from those expectations. Doing his master's bidding, Fox reports Biden admin may relax China tariffs in bid to ease inflation, commerce secretary says. CNS News reports Not Bad: Labor Force Participation Slightly Higher in May; Unemployment Rate Sticks at 3.6%. With prices rising, people are going to have to work more.

Andrea Widburg at Am Think, Pete Buttigieg’s tour de force of fatuousness, dishonesty, and backdoor socialism. Sundance, in a Remarkable Admission, Pete Buttigieg Announces Biden Inflation Plan is to Create Increased Dependency State and Apply Socialist Economics, Biden Led Govt to Provide Medicine, Childcare, Housing and Food, with the video.

In the interests of clear the deck, some DIY culture war:

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