Sunday, June 12, 2022

Beach Report 6/12/22

On the way down to the beach, actually from a couple of days ago, but it could have been today. They watch Skye and I pass intently, but did not bolt off.
We had rain most of the morning, culminating in a T-storm around 11 AM. By noon it was over and the sky was clearing by the time we had lunch and headed to the beach. 
It wasn't very hot, mid 70s, but very humid. The high tides are around mid day these days, with a bit of east breeze, off the water.
Some "wild" Daylilies growing in the dunes near the parking lot.
The orange or tawny daylily (Hemerocallis fulva), common along roadsides in much of North America, is native to Asia. Along with the lemon lily (Hemerocallis flava), it is the foundational species for most modern cultivars.

For the previous couple of days fossil hunting had been tough, only a couple of teeth each. Today was slightly better, we topped 20 together, with the usual crab claw, a couple drum teeth, and a ray chevron. Still, this was the most valuable thing I found.

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