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The Colbert Insurrection

What a great comedy skit! From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.17.22, Twitchy: Colbert Show Crew Arrested For Trespass In House Office Building. A pretty decent round up. Fox, US Capitol Police arrest Stephen Colbert staffers at House office building, charged with illegal entry. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Employees of Stephen Colbert's Late Show arrested in the House office building last night. Twitchy again, Report: Dem Reps. Adam Schiff and Jake Auchincloss linked to Colbert-gate

and LOCK THEM UP: Multiple people associated with Colbert’s show arrested for unlawful entry of a House office building; Update: Adam Schiff involved?. Sundance at CTH, Worse Than Watergate, Seven Members of Steven Colbert Television Crew Arrested Breaking Into Congressional Offices in DC Capitol. Ace, Staffers for the "Late Show With Steven Colbert" Arrested Breaking Into Congressional Buildings At Night.  
If you're worried about serious criminal action against people illegally "parading" on Congressional property, don't be. That's a made-up charge for conservatives only.

The left has been allowed to illegally enter and protest inside congresional buildings for decades and have never been prosecuted for doing so.

The law does not protect us. What is that saying the left is fond of? Oh yes: Riots are the voice of the unheard.

We're unheard, aren't we?
This is, of course, the same charge as many of the J6 "insurrectionists" who walked past obliging Capitol police and wandered in the building, who have been, in many cases, charged with felonies and held without bail for over a year. The TV crew, was, of course, booked and released. Liberal privilege in action.

Josh Hammer at Am Spec, Democrats’ Selective Outrage Over ‘Insurrections’ "Full of sound and fury on Jan. 6, but crickets on Kavanaugh." Breitbart, WATCH: January 6 Witness Calls Out Jamie Raskin for Objecting to 2016 Election. Did Raskin open the door for Trump? It sure looks like it. 

Thomas isn’t an elected official, she wasn’t running for office or working for the administration, nor was she imbued with supernatural powers that could compel anyone to act against their will or the Constitution. As a private citizen she was petitioning officials to engage in the political act of challenging election results—something Democrats regularly do. 

 From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.16.22 Twitchy: Glenn Greenwald Gives An Appreciation Of Jen Rubin’s Live Tweeting Of The J6 Show Trial. Never-Trumper AB Stoddard at RCP, GOP Candidates Know Jan. 6 Is Not Just Trump’s Problem. Matt Vespa at Town Hall thinks Jim Jordan Shreds the January 6 Committee Hearings With One Tweet Rep. Jim Jordan@Jim_Jordan "Real America doesn’t care about the January 6th Committee. Gas is over $5 per gallon!" At ET, ‘I Demand Equal Time’: Trump Slams ‘Highly Partisan’ Jan. 6 Hearings. As Margot Cleveland at Da Fed observes Jan. 6 Committee Ignores Clear Evidence Of Mass Illegal Voting, Systematically Broken Election Laws. At WaEx, Navarro pleads not guilty to contempt of Congress charges. At Monster Hunter Nation, Larry’s Twitter posts on the Jan 6 commission.

AllahPundit at Haut Hair whines "You're no Thomas Jefferson": Trump goes after the "human conveyor belt," Mike Pence. WaPoo not happy either, Trump hits Pence over Jan. 6 role as possible GOP 2024 hopefuls gather. AllahPundit is also miffed that CNN reports Liz Cheney has a 10% chance of being reelected according to prediction markets. She made her bed.

Insty, WELL, GOOD: Man Who Allegedly Tried to Kill Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh Indicted, Faces Life in Prison.  Rick Moran at PJ Media asks (rhetorically), Why Did 27 Democrats Vote Against Security for Supreme Court Justices? "The real reason is that they want the justices exposed to the threat of violence."

At Da Wire, FBI Investigating Attacks On Pro-Life Centers, Organizations. Really, will they put the kind of effort into it that they put into J6? From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.16.22, Da Tech Guy: I’m Old Enough To Remember When Merrick Garland Was Called A “Moderate”. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great wonders Why Is Merrick Garland Smiling? "The unprecedented collaboration between the Justice Department and Congress to target political foes of the regime endangers the rights of hundreds of Trump-supporting Americans." 

To some degree, the media is correct about the attorney general’s detachment. Garland is to the Justice Department what Joe Biden is to the White House—a lost old man installed in office to give a grandfatherly-like disguise to the malicious puppet masters in control of his teleprompter.

 Eddie Scarry at Da Fed notes The ‘White Nationalists’ Arrested At The Idaho Pride Event Were The Least Armed And Dangerous People That Day "This is an important story. Not because “white nationalists” are involved. But because for curious reasons, the FBI is." Tom Baker, a former FBI guy at WaEx, Has the FBI become a threat to democracy? The threat was always there; in recent years it's political actions have become more overt. Richard McDonough at Am Think discourses on The Democrat Party’s 'Dirty Hands'. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.16.22, Scott Johnson at Power Line Coup’s next.

How about a congressional investigation of the perversion of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the service of the Russia hoax intended to take out Donald Trump? The FBI, FISA, and the FISA court should be shut down until we get some answers about the abuse of the law in the service of the hoax. It is all unfinished business, although the Democrats are doing their best to make us forget.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll  "for Friday shows that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-seven percent (57%) disapprove." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Still slidin', Biden: 47% *strongly* disapprove in new USA Today/Suffolk poll. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.16.22, The Lid: How Low Can You Joe?. He's already below where I thought he could get. At PJ Media VodkaPundit feels an EARTHQUAKE: Biden Is 'Too Old' and Should 'Step Aside,' Says NYT Insider. Breitbart reads the Slantic so you don't have to, Atlantic: ‘Joe Biden Should Not Run for Reelection in 2024. WaPoo, Biden sends every signal he is running again. He has to, until he can't. HE opines that Biden Must Stop Trying to Rule the Nation Through Executive Orders and Federal Fiat

George Neumayr at Am Spec on What the Victory of Mayra Flores Portends for the Democrats. "The Hispanic Republican won in a blue congressional district by repudiating Biden’s agenda." At Da Caller, ‘I’ve Never Met A LatinX: CNN’s Van Jones Tears Into Left-Wing Rhetoric. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Van Jones Leaves CNN Anchors Stunned After Spitting Truth About the Democrat Party. Gwen Sims at PJ,  After 10-Year Drought, One California GOP Candidate Predicts Big Surprises in November. Surprise me. Olivia Murray at Am Think thinks Arizona's closely watched Senate race continues to surprise. Grenell makes an anti-endorsement. Richard Grenell@RichardGrenell "Earlier today, I told
@jim_lamon that I can no longer support his candidacy."

 Ace, Two California Police Officers Gunned Down Dead After Soros Prosecutor Gascon Lets the Killer -- a Career Gang-Banger -- Skate On a Gun Charge, "He was given a "lenient" sentence by Gascon." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.16.22, at the BattleSwarm: Everyone Hates Soros’ LA DA George Gascon, Including His Own Prosecutors . Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page, Boudin, Biden and Ballots, "The people will punish pro-criminal politicians -- and not all elections can be rigged."

It's the Stupid Economy:

Dow Drops Below 30,000, Lowest Level Since 2020
S&P 500 tumbles nearly 4% to new low for the year, closes in bear market territory
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Study: Inflation Is Much Worse Than The Government Claims
A Permanent Shortage of Everything | FrontpageMag
Mamma Mia! Olive Oil May Be Next Commodity Shortage Coming
Home Builders Have Trouble Selling Properties As Mortgage Rates Rise, Prices Stay Elevated | The Daily Wire
Plant At Center Of Baby Formula Shortage Shuts Down Again After Flooding | The Daily Caller
The Democrat Party Finds a Scapegoat at the Seaport - American Thinker
Joe Biden Busted for His Latest Inflation Whopper – PJ Media
NY Times: Inflation is going to be brutal (Update) – HotAir
What inflation? The super-frugal say they were made for this moment – HotAir
Doocy Corners Jean-Pierre Over Biden's Latest Inflation Lie - Louder With Crowder
Most CEOs see a recession coming: Survey | Washington Examiner
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Biden hosts climate meeting amid high gas price pressure
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Biden's Bottomless Energy Foolishness | The Pipeline
WH Press Secretary: We Don’t Need to Drill More; We Need to Refine the Oil That’s Out There | CNSNews
Reports: OPEC+ Misses Production Goals as Biden Readies to Beg for Oil
White House plan to send gas rebates complicated by chip shortages - The Washington Post
White House Solution to Gas Prices, Send Taxpayer Funded Gas Cards to Taxpayers Who Cannot Afford Gas - The Last Refuge
Why Gas Prices Are So High Right Now | Time
Another Casualty of the Biden Administration Economy: My Favorite Restaurant and Our Plans for Our 35th Wedding Anniversary. | Da Techguy's (no longer backup) Blog

And the Culture Wars:

Does Joe Biden Even Understand What LGBTQ Is? – PJ Media
Skirt Requirement for Schoolgirls Violates Constitution, Appeals Court Rules
Michigan AG Dana Nessel Calls For ‘A Drag Queen For Every School’ During Woke Conference | The Daily Caller
Report: Easier Access to Puberty Blockers for Transgender Kids Does Not Reduce Suicide Rates | CNSNews
Biden Directs HHS To Expand Access To Trans Sex Change Surgeries, Including For Children | The Daily Wire
Althouse: "The Battle Over Gender Therapy/More teenagers than ever are seeking transitions, but the medical community that treats them is deeply divided about why — and what to do to help them."
When, exactly, did drag queens in schools become a thing? – HotAir
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Says It’s ‘Violent’ To Oppose Drag Queen Story Hour | The Daily Caller
Today’s blacklisted American: Arizona State University blacklists American flag for flags promoting the queer agenda and the evils of America – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
Your Kids Are in Grave Peril From the Predators in the Transgender Cult – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Audio: Michigan's AG Declares a "Drag Queen For Every School" Noted Conservative Blogger AllahPundit: Calm Down Xtianist Extremists, She Was Just Joking
Europe Dialing Back Shocking Policies On Transgender Kids And Medical Intervention | The Daily Wire
Trans surgery for children is not a 'right' to be fought for
Only 28% of Americans Support Trans Athletes Being Allowed to Compete in Female Sports – Summit News
Brain Development Rebukes Those Pushing Gender Transition On Kids
Pelosi: Drag is 'What America is All About' – PJ Media
Producer for Gay Teen Romance Comedy Says Series' Move to Disney+ 'Expands Our Audience in a Really Exciting Way'
Colonial Williamsburg Is Betraying The Founders For LGBT Propaganda
Michigan attorney general suggests drag queen in every school : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here
Compelling Diversity and Punishing Dissent | FrontpageMag
Campus Reform | New K-12 standards bear similarity to higher ed claims that math is racist
Double Standards: Princeton Turns Blind Eye To Plagiarism From Woke Professor
Gretchen Whitmer and Her Board of Education Look To Crush School Choice in Michigan
GOP lawmakers introduce $10 billion school choice bill ahead of midterm elections
UCLA Law School Launches Project To Track Anti-Critical Race Theory Efforts
Don Surber: Left suddenly supports free speech (for itself)

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Eugenie Bouchard and FMJRA 2.0: Synphaera up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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