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J6 Committee Bombs in Prime Time, Ruthites Threaten Amy Coney Barrett

The J6 committee has to be the top story; sorry. Althouse, "Aware of the power of the potential public attention, the [January 6th] committee brought former ABC News president James Goldston on board to assist in the presentation." "Do Americans still sit down in the evening and watch what's airing in real time on the networks? I don't think there's an automatic audience like that anymore. It seems like a picture of America in the 1960s or 70s." Well, the ratings are in. Also Althouse, About 20 million people watched last night's prime-time January 6th hearing. "That "pales next to presidential debates (63 million to 73 million) or this year’s State of the Union address (38 million)," but "it’s still much larger than the audience that would normally watch a daytime congressional hearing. . . I wonder how many of them already agreed with the Committee's findings and how many were the target audience of people who needed convincing." At Red State, Nick Arama calls it a Trainwreck: Ratings Are in for Jan. 6 Committee ProductionJoe Concha@JoeConchaTV "Context: The evening newscasts on CBS, NBC & ABC average anywhere from 18 to 20 million viewers combined on a typical night. Those newscasts do not air in primetime. The January 6 hearings airing in primetime Thursday took in just 11+ million viewers on those three same networks." Sundance at CTH, Despite Massive Media Promotion and Every Outlet Pushing, J6 Prime Time Hearings Fall Flat with Less Than Half Regular Audience. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Jan. 6 Committee Pulls Dismal Ratings In Prime-Time Show Trial. I didn't watch it, although I saw snippets. But if you must watch some, I suggest this annotated version, (NSFW language).

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.10.22 Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI notes how Inflation Soars to 41-Year High, While Democrats and Mainstream Media Focus On J6 Primetime Show Trial. Jim Treacher, Will January 6 Make Americans Forget Our Wallets Are Shrinking and Libs Want to Assassinate Half the Supreme Court?  Dave Catron at Am Spec claims The Jan. 6 Show Trial Won’t Play in Peoria, "No amount of insurrection theater will distract Americans from very real and immediate economic problems."  Erin Smith@erinsmithSF "Replying to@antoniogm, "Imagine being a politician with cratering approvals in a country that increasingly can’t afford gas or food, and deciding to remind the citizens how easy it was the last time disgruntled folks stormed the capital city and sent the government fleeing in panic." Larry Correia@monsterhunter45, "The ugly truth the beltway can't grasp, it isn't that regular America doesn't care about Jan6. It's that they hate you for making their lives miserable, so when they saw you cowering, they thought good, now they know how it feels to be afraid."

Althouse again, Chris Wallace is trending on Twitter. Lots of stuff like this:

Madeleine Hubbard at JTN notes Democrats begin fundraising off of Jan. 6 hearing. It's always been about the midterm, with the secondary hope of preventing Trump from running in 2024. At Am Think, Dave Zuckerman thinks the Jan. 6 committee is an exercise in brainwashing the American people. Mark Tapscott has Eight Key Questions the January 6 Committee Will Not Answer and One Nancy Pelosi Can't Avoid.   John Emorda at Am Great lists The Serious Questions Left Unanswered by the January 6 Committee. It was never a serious attempt. Eric Lendrum at Am Great hears a Top Schumer Aide Received Jan. 6 Warning that Frontline Officers Never Saw. At Breitbart, Jason Miller Says Liz Cheney Deceptively Edited His Testimony for January 6 Primetime Hearing  Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, “It Was Unethical… They Doctored their Tape – They Defrauded Viewers – Trump Committed NO CRIMES!” – Attorney Dershowitz on Primetime Jan. 6 Hearing

Da Mail reports Washington Commanders fine defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio $100,000 for saying the January 6 insurrection was a mere 'dustup'. At the Wa Free Bee, Pennsylvania Dem Says ‘Diseased’ GOP Must Be ‘Cleansed’ After Preaching ‘Unity’. Althouse, "You will see that Donald Trump and his advisers knew that he had in fact lost the election. But despite this..." "That seems to be the crucial question: Did Trump genuinely know he had lost the election?" No, he believed he was cheated, and I think history will show that was true. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.10.22 EBL: Grifter Liz Cheney. Greg Byrnes at PJ Media, Why Is Liz Cheney so Unlikable? AllahPundit at Haut Hair crows Cheney: Trump told aides during the riot that Pence "deserves it" and did nothing to send help to the Capitol. But we know the committee is prepared to lie in "the cause." At the Conservative Brief, Liz Cheney Primary Challenger Harriet Hageman Pulls Ahead By Double Digits. I expect the Democrats to pull out all the stops in an effort to save her.

Althouse, "[Ivanka Trump] recalled when [Attorney General] Barr had said publicly on Dec. 1 that there was no evidence of fraud on a scale that would change the outcome of the election." They should be scrupulous in how they use evidence or they ruin their own credibility. This seems like a blatant example of stretching — of making the evidence fit the conclusion you want to draw." Independent, Trump rages over ‘checked out’ Ivanka after she rebuts his election fraud claims at Jan 6 hearing
‘She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General’ I do look forward to Hunter Biden's testimony. At The Western Journal, GOP Rep Draws a Line in the Sand, Refuses Order from 'Illegitimate' Jan. 6 Committee. Seeing how they're using deceptively edited video, it seems reasonable. 

The other big trend is the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh by a deranged leftist (is there any other kind?). Dan Greenfield at Front Page, The Kavanaugh Assassination Plot is a Leftist Inside Job.
"Conservative justices are in hiding because AG Garland won’t enforce the law." Insty, I BLAME CHUCK SCHUMER: Threats against judges and courts surge 387%, to 4,511. "Related: How the Left Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Domestic Terrorism. They always did love domestic terrorism. Look at what went on in the 1970s, often by people who now hold fancy academic positions. . . . They never opposed domestic terrorism. They just want a monopoly on it." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Democrats Don’t Just Fail To Apologize For Violence That Pushes Their Agenda, They Actively Incite It. Chris Barron at HE, J6 Show Trials Upended by Left Wing Violence. Jeff Lord at Am Spec, Censure Chuck Schumer: The New Joe McCarthy, "His threat to Justice Kavanaugh brings “dishonor and disrepute” to the Senate." AllahPundit worries Is the next insurrection coming to the Supreme Court? Making it hard for his team over the midterms. Jeff Andersen at Am Great, Roberts Is Courting a Constitutional Crisis "There doesn’t appear to have been a moment in our history when the potential killing of a Supreme Court justice could have had such consequential effects." 

'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI reports Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Children and Church Latest Target Of Radical “RuthSentUs” Group, "Publicized where Barrett’s children attend school and where the family attends church, as part of protest call." Athena Thorne at PJ Media, Disgusting Pro-Abortion Radicals Threaten Supreme Court Justices' Children. John Hinderacker at Power Line, Democrats Put Out a Contract on Justice Barrett
Insty, #JOURNALISM: Press Coverage on the Assassination Attempt of Justice Kavanaugh: The New York Times lists sixteen news stories above the attempted murder of a Justice. Stephen L. Miller@redsteeze, "Washington Post has classified an assassination attempt on a sitting SCOTUS justice as "local crime" story." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair VIP, WaPo: You'd better believe that Kavanaugh assassin committed attempted murder "We can expect a slew of reporting on Nicholas Roske over the next few days to paint him as a troubled and mentally ill man. That has already begun to unfold, in fact, but it won’t distract from the reality of Roske’s clear plan and actions to carry out an assassination of a sitting Supreme Court justice." Althouse, "I’m standing now, but I can sit, whatever. I want to be fully compliant. So whatever they want me to do, I’ll do." "Said Nicholas Roske, in a 911 call, quoted in "New 911 tapes show how man accused in Kavanaugh murder plot abandoned plan/Authorities say Nicholas Roske was set to sneak into justice’s home with pad-soled boots for quiet walking" (WaPo). I do wonder if Roske is really nuts of just playing nuts so he can make a seemingly real  threat and get off lightly due to mental illness. It's the DC metro area; the justice system there isn't justice. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.10.22, Mike LaChance at LI aeesLiberals Mock Republicans’ Effort to Protect Supreme Court Justices After Threat to Kavanaugh, "Just harden the door on the Kavanaugh house. Throw in some thoughts and prayers and a few million NRA dollars and the problem is fixed." Also, Da Tech Guy, Has it Occurred to Anyone that the Reason Pols on the Left Won’t Unconditionally Condemn the Attempted Murder of Justice Kavanaugh… "…is that they’re even more afraid of the violent left than we are because any hint that they are in the wrong might be considered traitorous to the thugs they’ve enabled?"

At Campus Reform, Yale alumni use reunion to protest Kavanaugh weeks after WH condoned protesting outside justices' homes, "The alumni showed up to the reunion in New Haven, Connecticut, equipped with signs reading 'Brett Disrobe Yourself' and 'Stop Being A Tool Brett.'

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