Sunday, June 5, 2022

Economy Slumping, Biden Struggling, Florida Man Threatening

The LA Times, cited at MSN, is embarrassed to admit Biden, who ran on competency and experience, is struggling to manage multiple crises. I don't know why anyone would have expected competency, his history shows none. WaPoo whines Black voters’ support for Biden has cooled, poll finds. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall goes further, Black Americans Are Fed Up With Biden. Sam Raskin at NYPo, Joe Biden’s approval among black Americans has declined, new poll says. Maybe Lyndon was wrong after all. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair hears Jack Shafer: Preacher Joe needs to hang up his collar and start being president. "Unless you are already one of Pastor Biden’s congregants, his words, his expression of sorrow and his emotional pleading came across as the usual Democratic Party white noise." Dan Balz at WaPoo whines Biden is everywhere, speaking on every issue. But to what effect? "Nothing Biden has said or done to date has made things notably better, either in lowering prices or improving his political standing."

'Becca Downs at Town Hall, Democratic Strategists: Economy Will Be 'Number One Issue' in Midterms, NOT Abortion or Guns. Which just might explain why Republicans Continue to Lead, Gain Momentum on Generic Congressional Ballot (Breitbart). At ET, New Jersey Republicans Vying for Chance to Flip Two Congressional Seats in November. Ordinarily, I'd doubt their chances, but this will not be an ordinary year. The strange affair in Tennessee continues, Tennessee Republican Party Immediately Appealing Liberal Democrat Activist Judge’s Decision Reinstating Disqualified TN-5 Candidate.

At Fox, Florida man arrested for Twitter threats against Rep. Lauren Boebert, "Man faces five counts of 'Interstate Threat' for posts directed at the Colorado Republican." News Max, FBI Arrests Florida Man for Making Threats Against Rep. Boebert "It is not clear what Comiskey was upset about, although in one tweet he said Boebert shouldn't come to Florida since "us libs have big guns here and we stand our ground." A typical Biden voter?

The Wa Free Bee finds a Nevada Poll that Shows Florida Gov. DeSantis Is More Popular There Than Trump. Maybe Trump fatigue is a real thing? Jeff Reynolds at PJ Media, The Governing Style of Ron DeSantis: Create the Public Polling Results, Don't Follow Them. Who thought actual leadership would be a virtue? At Breitbart, 8 Times Ron DeSantis Led the Way in Defying Woke Virtue-Signaling.

Barton Swain at the WSJ (cited by Haut Hair) claims to know Why Trump is the loser in a Georgia election rematch

Sundance at CTH, Homeland Security Admits Dominion Voting Systems Have Inherent Vulnerabilities Easily Manipulated by Local Election Officials. "The bottom line is this….  If local election officials want to manipulate the election outcome, they can." If vulnerabilities exist, someone will exploit them. Elections are too important. Paul Bedard at WaEx calls '2000 Mules' Convincing: 77% believe 2000 Mules, and 20M have seen it. Hollywood in Toto, ‘2000 Mules’ Is Year’s Top-Grossing Documentary (So Far), "Dinesh D'Souza's controversial film earned even more via VOD." But nobody would cheat via mail in ballots, AmIright? Breitbart, Former Arizona Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty to Felony Ballot Harvesting in 2020 Primary Election

Atlanta- J-Con, Georgia GOP chair’s impartiality questioned after Republican primary. You're not require to be impartial, just act impartial. 

Breitbart notes at coinkydink, FBI Arrests Peter Navarro One Day After He Vows to Impeach Biden. At CTH, sundance features Devin Nunes who Calls the Arrest of White House Advisor Peter Navarro “Stalinist Crap.” Josh Hammer@josh_hammer, "Peter Navarro in handcuffs and Michael Sussmann off scot-free. Tell me more about that “neutral rule of law."" At Gateway Pundit, Jan. 6 Committee’s Thompson and Cheney Release Statement Whining About DOJ Not Indicting Meadows and Scavino. Fox, Liz Cheney says Trump has caused ‘personality cult’ among Republicans. But good news, from WaEx, Rep. Liz Cheney in a bitter fight against Trump-backed Wyoming GOP primary rival. Nick Arama at Red State cites Jonathan Turley: Dems May Be Ensuring Their Own Destruction With Latest Moves by Jan. 6 Cmte

Despite years of bitter political divisions, the two parties have long avoided using subpoenas against each other. It was viewed as a step toward mutually assured destruction if House members unleashed inherent investigatory powers on each other. House Democratic leaders, however, shattered that long tradition of restraint despite the fact that they may gain little from the effort. What they will lose is a long-standing detente on the use of subpoenas against colleagues — and they are creating a new precedent for such internal subpoenas just months before they could find themselves in the minority. Today’s hunters then could become the hunted, if Republicans claim the same license after November’s elections.

A long way of saying 'what comes around, goes around.' WaPoo, has news on summertime TV,  Jan. 6 committee set to make its case public with prime-time hearings, "Sessions this month mark the culmination of a year-long investigation, with insider testimony and new video footage expected."  At Breitbart, Exclusive — Rep. Elise Stefanik: GOP Ready to Provide Counter Programming to ‘Illegitimate’ January 6 Hearing

'Bonchie' at Red State on the one day story  'Anonymous' Gets Dropped by Secret Service After Spreading January 6th Claim. Maggie Haberman caught lying, again. At ET, Barr: US Legal System Is ‘Rigged Against Republicans’

Rep. Jim Jordan@Jim_Jordan, "Average gas price June 2022: $4.76 Average gas price June 2020: $2.17 Miss Trump yet?" At WUWT, People, You Better Vote for Better Energy Policy, and Fast and POLITICO: ‘Climate Agenda Under Biden Has Been Stifled’, which is a good thing. Bloomberg claims Yellen Wanted Biden Relief Plan Cut by a Third because it was inflationary. At Blaze, another warning from Chase Bank's Jamie Dimon who says the megabank is bracing itself for an economic 'hurricane'. So, according to Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall,  We Now Know Who's Pushing Biden on Student Loan 'Forgiveness' and Why. At the Wa Free Bee, ‘They Just Don’t Get It’: Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Push a ‘Complete Disaster’ for Democrats in Midterms
"There are a lot of people very close to the president who privately understand that this is a complete disaster for them," the Washington Post‘s James Hohmann said on the Bulwark Podcast. The president's aides have attributed the political misjudgment to influence from leftwing Democrats including Sen. Raphael Warnock (Ga.) and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Both are seeking high turnout from the party's base in the Peach State, where they say an electoral block of former graduates from HBCUs could tip the scales.

From Sarah Hoyt at Insty, THEY REALLY THINK THEY CAN SPEAK THEIR DREAMS INTO BEING: Biden declares ‘more Americans feel financially comfortable’ since he took office. News Busters catches CNN: Americans Need to Realize the Economy Is 'Too Good' Right Now. Just wow! WaPoo tries selling optimism too, Economy shows resilience despite mounting recession fears.

AAron Kliegmann at JTN, Biden linkage of school lunches to LGBTQ agenda holds low-income kids 'hostage': critics, "This administration believes children belong to them, not parents, and wants to ensure the next generation is confused about its gender," Ed Driscoll at Insty, OKAY, GROOMER: Parenting writer: take your kid to a Pride parade! "Instead of bringing a kid to a Pride parade and potentially scarring them for life, why not bring them to, you know, a playground?" From Fox, Pizza Hut features 'drag kids' book for children as young as kindergarten, "Pizza Hut's 'Book It' reading program features a book titled 'Big Wig,' which is a story about children who dress in drag and is geared toward kids as young as kindergarten" I'd boycott, except we never go to Pizza Hut. At Twitchy, Give up Chick-fil-A for a month? Honey, no, the Chick-fil-A pride is strong

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