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Politics Goes On in a Post-Roe America

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court overthrew Roe v. Wade, the classic decision to federalize the laws of abortion in the United States. The regulation of abortion now lies in the hands of state legislatures. Needless to say, Democrats and other species of liberals are irate. As the Babylon Bee sardonically notes, Dems Pause January 6 Hearings To Call For Insurrection. Ace, Insurrectionist Alexandria Donkey Chompers Calls the Supreme Court "Illegitimate," Demands People Go "Into the Streets" "Videos below, and article at the Post-Millennial. AOC's antifa allies have heard her calls to go "into the streets:" Via the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 06.24.22 (Evening Edition) Legal Insurrection: Liz Cheney Wants Wyoming Democrats to Vote for Her in August Primary Election, AOC Calls on People to Get “Into the Streets” to Protest SCOTUS Abortion Decision, and CNN’s Ana Navarro Uses Her Disabled Family Members to Justify Abortion. At CTH, Sundance hears Democrat Rep Maxine Waters Promotes Insurrection, Says Rulings from the Supreme Court Should be Defied by Opposition. Also from LI's Herr Professor Jacobsen, DOJ Goes Insurrectiony – Vows To Minimize Effects Of Supreme Court 2nd Amendment and Abortion Rulings, "US Department of Justice to rise above politics and to use its vast resources to effectuate the Supreme Court’s rulings — JUST KIDDING." At Da Fed John Davidson calls Merrick Garland’s Department Of Justice  A Threat To The Republic

Of course, demonstrations and violence promised have begun. AllahPundit at Haut Hair admires the foresight of D.C. businesses boarding up windows in case post-Roe protests turn "mostly peaceful". NYPo, Cops brace for unrest as irate protesters gather across country after Roe v. Wade overturned.  From ET, Protests Planned Outside Justice Thomas’s Home After Abortion Ruling. At Da Mail, Thousands of protesters hit the streets and gather outside Justice Clarence Thomas' home after he said SCOTUS should 'reconsider' gay marriage now Roe v. Wade has been overturned: Pro-choice extremists are planning 'Night of Rage'. Deseret News ha a Perspective: On abortion, justices demonstrate courage under fire. So far, I haven't seen too many reports of the actual violence, but some has clearly occurred. Fox reports on an Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building, "Arizona state lawmakers were forced to finish voting in a secure room in the Capitol." KT at Haut Hair reports a Michigan congressman's campaign office targeted by Jane's Revenge. At the Victory Girls, Threats, Protests, And Stepping On Rakes After Dobbs Decision  and  Violence Promised by the Left over Dobbs: Delivered

It's a different ruling, but the same effect, Twitchy, Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky urges followers to ‘go to the home of every Supreme Court Justice who just voted to kill women’

Rick Moran at PJ Media hears that the J6 Hearings Extended After Trump Documentary Offers 'New Evidence'. They've pretty much lost their audience. From the redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great The Accelerating Purge, Buckle up, America. This only gets worse from here. ET has more on the mysterious Mr. Epps, EXCLUSIVE: Ray Epps Was Worried Fast-Moving January 6 Crowd Might Interfere With ‘The Plan,’ Kentucky Man Claims, "Man also says he witnessed Epps directing group that removed 2-by-4 lumber and a long cardboard tube from utility hatch at U.S. Capitol" Hmm. John Hinderacker at Power Line, Who Are the Election Deniers?, with the video I posted yesterday. 

Recently the Democrats have coined the phrase “election deniers” to smear those who worry about our lack of ballot security, as reflected in the 2020 election, by associating them with Holocaust deniers and other cranks. But who are the real election deniers? The Democrats haven’t conceded that a Republican was legitimately elected president since George H. W. Bush carried 40 states in 1988.

And from the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 06.24.22 (Evening Edition) some good news from the Weasel Zippers, BLM Rioter Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Rioting In Portland.

At Am Great, Dan Gelernter warns Don’t Laugh at the Man Who Falls Off a Bicycle,  "When you laugh at Biden, you grant him undeserved importance—as though he were president of the United States." Newt Gingrich on Biden’s Reality Rejection Syndrome "As the price of gasoline and diesel fuel have reached levels that are causing real pain to American families and real damage to the economy, Biden and his team have been floundering around in their fantasy world." At the Am Mind, Carl Schramm says Biden has a Rendezvous with Oblivion. AllahPundit, Dave Portnoy on Dobbs: I hate that Republicans are forcing me to vote for a moron like Biden. "I’d give Portnoy no worse than 40/60 odds that he finds a reason to vote Republican this fall despite his anger today."

At WSJ, cited at Haut Hair Peggy Noonan thinks Trump and Biden both face rejection. At Politico, Gavin Newsom jumps onto the national stage and Bidenworld takes notice "The California governor leaped into the 2024 conversation at a high-water mark for himself and a particularly vulnerable time for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." Are you ready to be Californicated? Matt Margolis at PJ Media warns The Second Amendment Ruling Won't Help Dems in November Either. "Recent polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly agree with the self-defense principles espoused in the Bruen ruling."

On the economics front from the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 06.24.22 (Evening Edition) Weasel Zippers: VIDEO: Virginia Voter “Trump Told Us Gas Prices Would Go Up – They Did”, Fed Chair Jerome Powell: “Our Judgment…Proved To Be Incorrect,” Inflation Was Not “Transitory”, also, Biden Econ Advisor: “I Just Disagree” That Gas Was On The Rise Before Putin’s Invasion…, failing the simple graph reading section of the SAT. At CJ, Biden is Running on Empty, "Biden’s excuses and demagoguery on the fuel crisis are making a bad situation worse." The Lid: Why Can’t Biden Solve The Supply Crisis?. At CNS News cites Rep. Guy Reschenthaler ‘This Is the Let-Them-Eat-Prius Democratic Party.’ At the Wa Free Bee, This Washington Dem Blasted Federal Gas Tax Holidays—Until She Was Up for Reelection, "Senator Patty Murray called a gas tax suspension a 'bad idea.' Now, she's on board." She has her principles. If you don't like them, she has more. 

VodkaPundit, at PJ Media hears The New Narrative: Inflation and Recession Aren’t So Bad, Ackshully, from the media and party that brought you funemployment. At Fox, Larry Kudlow on abortion: Biden is using Roe as a distraction from inflation. At Da Wire, Federal Government Agrees To Cancel Student Debt For 200,000 People. Political bribe. The Wa Free Bee details how a House-Passed ‘Woke Mandate’ Would Force Federal Reserve To Prioritize Racial Equity while "The economy is on the brink of a recession."

And some DIY Culture War:

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