Thursday, June 2, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

Christine Drazan
Breitbart, Shock Poll: Republican Leads Oregon Governor Race

A shocking new poll puts Republican Christine Drazan just slightly ahead of Democrat Tina Kotek in the Oregon governor’s race.

Conducted between May 25-27, the new poll from Nelson Research showed Drazan had 29.5 percent of support out of 516 likely voters, while Kotek had just 27.5 percent of support with a margin of error of 4.3 percent. Independent Betsy Johnson trails with just 19.4 percent of support.

The poll did not explore the top reasons for Drazan’s support, though it might stem from the fact that Oregon had some of the strictest coronavirus policies in the nation, which Drazan has outright opposed. Per her website:
Governor Brown made the wrong decision when she chose a never-ending state of emergency and heavy-handed mandates. I opposed her mask and vaccine mandates and repeatedly urged her to repeal them. Oregonians understand how to make decisions for themselves and their families – they don’t need their state government telling them how to live their life.

Violent crime in Oregon is out of control, especially in Portland, which is experiencing an all-time high in murders. When police were being attacked, Kate Brown and Portland politicians ignored it. Under my administration, the days of treating police like criminals and criminals like victims will end.

I will support law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of whom do their jobs with courage and distinction, and I will increase funding for our state troopers. I will ensure that laws are being enforced fairly. And when Portland politicians refuse to stop the nightly riots and bring peace to the streets, as Governor, I will.
Drazan has also described herself as being pro-second amendment and pro-life.

Republicans have not won a gubernatorial race in Oregon in 40 years.

Don't get too excited until after they count the "mail-in" votes from Portland and Salem. 

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