Wednesday, June 8, 2022

San Francisco Shows Some Sense

As sundance at CTH informs us, yesterday was Primary Election Day in Seven States, California, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Iowa, Mississippi and New Jersey. At Haut Hair, LIVE RESULTS: It's Primary Night in Seven States and AllahPundit, Live results thread: The most exciting primaries in America are in ... California?. Not much to grab my attention, except, as the Peacock sadly admits Los Angeles and San Francisco voters may rebuke left in primaries. "An ex-Republican billionaire could be the next mayor of Los Angeles, and San Franciscans may oust their headline-grabbing reformist district attorney." And then, California voters oust reformist DA in San Francisco as House battlegrounds take shape. "Reformist DA?" NYPo, San Francisco voters oust DA Chesa Boudin over soft-on-crime policies. Town Hall, San Francisco Voters Say 'You're Fired' to Woke DA Chesa Boudin. Twitchy, CHESA BOUDIN RECALLED AS SAN FRANCISCO DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Signs of sense from San Fran? The climate must really bode ill for the Democrats this year.

Mediaite echoes CNN’s Harry Enten Predicts Republicans Take Huge House Majority: ‘Best Position… In Over 80 Years’. AllahPundit dyspeptic at CNN analysis: This is the best the GOP has looked on the generic ballot since 1938 and Hoo boy: Multiple polls show Youngkin's approval much higher than Biden's in blue Virginia

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.07.22, Eddie Scarry at Da Fed, This is the case with all of our biggest problems: Joe Biden isn’t ‘faced’ with them. He created them.  From Fox, Biden will be remembered as 'worse than Jimmy Carter': Tulsi Gabbard, "Gabbard says Carter didn't fast-track the country into a new Cold War." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.07.22, Victory Girls: Biden Shocked To Learn Presidenting Is Hard and  Gerrymandering Is Only Bad When Republicans Do It. Vodka Pundit at PJ, Biden Tells You It's Raining While…You Know…On Your Boots. Matt Vespa at Town Hall knows The One Thing Joe Biden Simply Doesn't Seem to Get "Well, Joe—this is your fault. You acted slowly because you are slow. Your mental capacity is shot. You have no idea what's going on, and your staffing does suck." AllahPundit, Poll: Kamala Harris trails Trump in 2024 match-up -- but leads DeSantis and Report: Trump may announce on July 4. Da Caller reports Jim Acosta Is Worried Trump Will Be Allowed To Run In 2024

Althouse addresses Josh Marshall's article from yesterday, "Democrats Can Win This Fall if They Make One Key Promise... Give us the House and two more senators, and we will make Roe law in January 2023." "I don't know if that strong position would win them the majority they'd need to follow through. What if their commitment to ending the filibuster ends up inspiring Republicans — if Republicans, as predicted, take the majority — to end the filibuster and pass some things they like — including anti-abortion legislation?" Also, "[Stacey] Abrams immediately tried to 'contextualize' her remarks...", "
"... by pointing to declining wages and the state’s high maternal mortality rates. Days later, she called her comments 'inelegant' but her sentiment true." John Sexton at Haut Hair hears Cisneros requests a recount in race against Cuellar, AOC endorses primary opponent of DCCC chair. At Da Wire, AOC Blasts Democrats For Not Using A Term That Virtually No Ones Uses, Plurality Finds Term ‘Offensive.’  Matt Margolis at PJ VIP, Which Is Dumber: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the Term ‘Latinx’? A tough choice. In the Pennsylvania Senate race, AllahPundit reports Fetterman's wife says Uh, he might be off the campaign trail for another month. "His ability to have conversations rapidly has not fully recovered, though he is improving and doctors still predict a full recovery." Is that good or bad? From Ed Driscoll at Insty, GEORGIA DEMOCRATS FREAK OUT WHEN REPUBLICANS TAKE A PAGE FROM THEIR PLAYBOOK

“Like so many thorns in our sides here in Georgia, it all starts with Stacey Abrams. No doubt you’ve heard the stories of how her Fair Fight Action PAC took in $1.34 million and used it to pay off the medical debt of 68,000 Georgians, along with 40,000 others in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Fair Fight Action hasn’t stopped crowing about it — even buying ads one time here on PJ Media — highlighting how Stacey Abrams cares about Georgians because she took contributed money and doled it out like candy while calling for expanded government healthcare here in the state she loathes but wants to run. And it’s no doubt when (not if) she runs for president, we’ll never hear the end of how she took care of people in five states. It was such a crass political move, but it was all totally cool in the eyes of the left. But let a Republican do something similar, and the Democrats go all ‘Katy, bar the door.’ Georgia Democrats are seeing red because a PAC supporting Georgia Bulldogs football star and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker in his Senate bid gave out $25 gas vouchers to consumers in South Atlanta last weekend. There were no strings to the vouchers — no push to register to vote, to endorse Walker, or to appear in campaign commercials — the $25 was simply meant to help hard-working Georgians stretch their gas dollars a little farther.”

The Peacock is unhappy that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launches Twitter bots probe after Musk’s public complaints. Meanwhile, Benjamin Weingarten at NYPo details how YouTube is now censoring journalism for the Biden administration

At Red State, Chris Arps reports that Michigan Signature Petition Fraud Is Widespread. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.07.22,The Geller Reports  Another Democrat Op Pleads Guilty To Election Fraud In 2020 Ariz. Primary using mail-in ballots,  meanwhile, ET reports a Judge Rejects GOP Challenge to Mail-In Voting in Arizona. At the NOQ Report, fears that Midterm Elections Might Get Cancelled if They Can Push the Monkeypox Panic Hard Enough. I doubt it, but they may try.

I'm going to cut this short now, maybe more later, maybe not.

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