Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Beach Report 6/28/22

Skye and i found this Green Heron hanging around the harbor as we walked through on the way to the beach. From the color pattern, and the fuzz on it's head, I'm guessing it's a juvenile. 
Down at the beach, I spotted this under a couple of inches of water.
Turned out to be a pretty nice Lemon Shark tooth (bottom). The top tooth is a small but well preserved Snaggletooth upper parasymphyseal tooth. All in all a pretty good day for shark's teeth, 30 between the two of us, also a drum tooth, a little ray plate and a crab claw.
A really nice day today, temperatures around 75, no noticeable humidity, and a slight, and declining, breeze from the NW. Georgia talks to Cindy, Skye's favorite (Cindy carries treats).
Not a weekend, so the the beach was lightly used. 

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