Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Inside the Biden Bubble, Bubble Pops, Paris Snubs, Queens Drag

Stacy McCain goes Inside the Biden Bubble and sees President Chief of Staff Ron Klain make A foolish boast

But there is such a thing as a “dead cat bounce” in polling. No matter how unpopular you may be, when you get near the absolute bottom, you’ll have occasional upticks. And 40% approval is pretty much rock-bottom for any president. To get lower than that, not only are you hated by the opposition and most independents, but even your own partisans start hating you.

Paul Bedard at WaEx has the White House Report Card: SNABU — Situation Normal, All Bidened Up. At Am Think Blaine Pardoe thinks Biden Has America on its Knees, praying for improvement. From CNN, Dave Masciotra opines on The surprising reason for Joe Biden's low approval rating "the fan fiction left encourages its audience, which depending on the writer or podcast often rivals those of mainstream publications and programs, to act in accordance with its weird delusions " while he holds onto the Russiagate hoax. At Twitchy, ‘A giant WHAT exactly?’ Blue-check actor claiming even though Biden is ‘elderly’ he’s a GIANT accidentally the funniest damn thing you’ll read today

Mark Moore at NYPo observes Dems increasingly question whether unpopular Biden should be party’s nominee in 2024. Scott Johnson at Power Line, Who’s next: The Times does Biden

The New York Times has posted the Biden variant of the “Dump Feinstein” campaign that Steve has been tracking. In an alert to subscribers, the Times directs readers to Reid Epstein and Jennifer Medina’s story on the “Democratic whispers” that perhaps Biden should step aside in 2024 (and announce his decision to do so after the midterms). This just in: Democrats fear he may not be up to the task. And you thought the Times has lost its nose for news.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.13.22 Don Surber explores The Democrat Plan For America. Yes, Democrats now have a contract, just like Republicans did 28 years. The only difference is the Democrat contract isn't with America. The Democrat contract is on America."

At Da Caller,  Paris Hilton Snubs President Biden In Favor Of Hanging With Britney Spears. An thats all you need to know.  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair VIP, The Bench Report: Can Dems really dump Biden?. At Da Wire, AOC Dodges, Laughs Off Question About Whether She’ll Back Biden in 2024. PM, AOC refuses to say whether she would support Biden in 2024: 'we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it' "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it" Ocasio-Cortez replied when State of the Union's Dana Bash asked the congresswoman if she'd back his 2024 run. AllahPundit at Haut Hair, Kellyanne Conway: Let's face it, Biden's going to run again. "The question of whether Biden will run almost feels like a logical paradox because the answer can’t possibly be yes but it also can’t possibly be no." AZ Central, Former Vice President Mike Pence to visit Arizona border with Gov. Doug Ducey, speak in Phoenix. The idea that Pence can run for President and win is delusional. Michael Walsh at Da Pipeline, 'They Only Eat Rat'

Could there possibly be a spectacle more unedifying than a (literally) terminally senile Biden scratching and clawing at a bitter, revanchist Trump, the pair of them wrestling over not the future of the country—why would they care? They won't live to see it—but over the 2016 and 2020 elections. Russian collusion! Dominion voting machines! Hunter's laptop from hell! January 6th! Get off my lawn! It would make us all remember what fun the past eight years were, and recall how little desire we should have to relive them.

At Am Think, 'Civis Americanus' thinks Republicans: To Win the Midterms, Hit Black Lives Matter. I think it takes more. But certainly BLM is a weak spot for Democrats. WaPoo butthurt that Sarah Palin takes early lead in crowded House race in Alaska, "Voting closed Saturday with four dozen candidates facing off under unusual new rules." How dare the people support someone they despise. AllahPundit claims Tomorrow's most interesting primary is The Trump vs. Haley proxy war in South Carolina. He's interested in anything that might show a weakness for Trump.

In an admission against self-interest WaPoo admits a Court filing offers new evidence of post-election breach in Coffee County, Ga. At ET,  Arizona Election Worker Details Voter Fraud Investigation, "The worker says the ongoing investigation is targeting US non-profits she believes are ‘political advocacy groups’" At Da Caller, J. Christian Adams: The Evidence Is Real — Dead People Are Voting. At Am Think, Robin Itzler thinks we are Observing Our Way to Third-World Elections.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.13.22, Da Tech Guy explains how the “Centrist Uprising” Against Boudin Shows How Extreme “Ultra Left” Democrats Are. Insty chortles as Mark Judge declares victory over Michael Avenatti, AHA: Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Judge’s book will be out soon. UPDATE: “Disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti wants to plead guilty to federal charges in California and admit to stealing millions of dollars from clients, according to court papers filed on Sunday.”

If you hadn't noticed, NR reports the Stock Market Plunges 600 Points, Entering Bear Territory. Sundance at CTH noticed S&P 500 Closes Down 20 Percent from High, Officially a Bear Market. At Da Blaze, Analyst from one of Biden's favorite financial outlets says sky-high inflation costs American families an extra $5,520 a year. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.13.22, Don Surber says Yellen Should Do The Honorable Thing & Resign. But she won't. At PM, Bloomberg: Recession chances increasing ahead of Powell inflation remarks Wednesday, "With the midterms only months away, any mention of the word recession by the Fed could spell trouble for the Democratic Party." Meanwhile, the WaPoo is arguing semantics, Is ‘stagflation’ the appropriate label?. Breitbart, Larry Summers Blames ‘Banana Republicans,’ January 6 for Inflation. Kevin Dugay at the Intelligencer (cited by MSN) argues The Case for Economic Optimism Is Over. Brian Riedl at City Journal, The Era of Free-Lunch Economics Is Over. Insty, WELL, YES, BUT ONLY WITH COMPETENT LEADERSHIP, WHICH WASN’T AVAILABLE: Top economist says most US inflation ‘could have been avoided.’ Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media notes Biden Can't Fix Inflation If He Can't Stop Lying About It. At Da Fed Auguste Meyrat thinks Now Would Be A Great Time For The Real Fiscal Conservatives To Stand Up. Monica Showalter at Am Think busts "Bzzt! Another phony claim from Joe Biden's happy economy falls apart: Consumers are maxing their credit cards"

Insty,  BUBBLE STARTING TO POP? Home prices have begun falling in these 10 cities, according to Realtor.com. "Related: These 40 ‘overvalued’ housing markets could see 15% to 20% home price declines if a recession hits. “Already we’re seeing the U.S. housing market shift. As data rolls in for May and June, it’s clear that the pandemic’s housing boom has finally fizzled out."  And Capt. Ed at Haut Hair wonders Are housing and jobs markets bubbles about to pop?. At Changing America, Housing prices being driven up by migration to South and West, data shows

From Insty HEH:
CNS News reports how Shelter, Gasoline, Food: Prices Up in Every Major Category, As Inflation Accelerates 8.6% Year-to-Year. Insty has GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING debunking WaPoo: $5 gas is largely Putin’s fault and Flashback: Biden Admin Said Gas in 2022 Would Average $2.88. Twitchy, ‘Street artists’ are fighting back against those ‘I did that’ gas pump stickers with brilliant stickers of their own. Kind of dorky. Capt. Ed, Renault Award: Biden shocked, shocked to discover investors disinterested in oil industry Biden demonizes. From WUWT, Biden’s War on Oil and GasEnergy Crisis Is a Taste of What the IEA Has in Store for Us and Green Energy Victim? Large California Meat Processing Plant to Close, Cites Utility Bills. At Da Fed, The Biggest Winner In Biden’s Solar Panel Charade Is Communist China. He owes them more than he owes us, arguably. Sundance at CTH reports the Biden Senior Climate and Energy Policy Advisor Demands Social Media Companies Immediately Block Content Identifying Biden Policy as Source of Energy Inflation.

At LI, Leslie Eastman hears the Biden Supply Chain Crisis Leads to Tampon Shortages, Because A Baby Formula Shortage Wasn’t Bad Enough. "The time has come to ask if Biden is waging a #WarOnWomen."

Stacy McCain issues a ‘Far-Right Extremists’ Alert! as Proud Boys protest Bay area drag queen shows for children.  'Hate crime protocols activated.' At Althouse, "The Drag Queen Story Hour website describes the program as 'just what it sounds like - drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores.'" And "For some readers today... ['Heather Has Two Mommies' is] a wholly sanitized version of same-sex coupledom, palatable to the masses...." At Da Wire, ‘What America Is All About’: Nancy Pelosi Calls It ‘An Honor’ To Appear On Drag Queen Show. Yeah, that'll help with the midterms. Breitbart reports NYC Schools Spent over $200K on Drag Queen Shows. Insty, DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR, AMERICAStephen Horn@stephenehorn, "The "family friendly" pride festival in Apex, NC today featured drag performances by the "House of Coxx" before a mixed audience of children and adults 1/x" Matt Margolis at PJ Media VIP claims Study Finds the Trans Craze Is Killing Kids, Not Saving Them, NR asks Are We All Going to Be Gay? "Recent survey data showing a purported rise in LGBTQ self-identification should be taken with many grains of salt." WaPoo puzzled that Gov. Youngkin, who ran on culture wars, takes cautious approach to Pride, hate the sin but love the sinner. 

The College Fix proudly reports District drops Title IX investigation into middle schoolers who used ‘incorrect’ pronouns. At BPR, Elon Musk notes gender ideology contradiction in response to ‘What Is A Woman?’ film reviewElon Musk@elonmusk, "Replying to@mtaibbi "We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option. Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy." 2+2=5. Althouse, But who is "wiser" than Elon Musk? If the answer is no one, he's nailed down his position while performing open-mindedness. That's wisdom for you. At Campus Reform, REPORT: Biden admin. may penalize universities not considered LGBTQ+ inclusive "The Biden Administration's rewrite of Title IX may put federal funding on the line for state-funded schools and universities that the government does not deem inclusive enough for LGBTQ+ individuals. Potential violations would include refusing men access to the women's restroom or locker room, enrollment in gender-specific housing, or admission to women's sports teams." Mike LaChance at LI, Biden Administration May Penalize Universities Deemed not LGBT Inclusive.

Conor Friedsdorf at the Slantic (cited by Haut Hair) admits, Diversity bureaucrats are out of control "In practice, nonprogressives of all races have ample reason to fear that, unless their speech is perfectly artful, they won’t just face criticism; they’ll have HR problems. Student activists respond to that incentive." And that's the point. 

Rick Moran at PJ notes a Judge Agrees Companies Can Prevent Employees From Wearing BLM Imagery. A small victory for common sense. 

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