Monday, June 20, 2022

Biden The 39 percenter Rode His Bicycle

At WaEx, Byron York considers The 39.9% president and the reasons therefore. Newsweek has a poll that claims Most Americans Don't Want Biden or Trump to Run Again: Poll. That's probably correct; Trump never commanded a clear majority, and certainly if Biden had one, it lapsed.  Possibly related, at Politico, DeSantis draws huge cash haul from Trump donors  Matt Vespa at Town Hall says Joe Biden's Bike Fall Checks the Final Item on the Jimmy Carter Narrative List. Carter is a best case scenario. Insty has an interview with Biden's bike from the Wa Free Bee, A COOL AND LOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THE BICYCLE MENACE: Trek FX 1 Disc, the First Bicycle of the United States, explains “Why I Busted Joe Biden’s Elderly Ass on Father’s Day Weekend.”

This is my truth: I hate being Joe Biden’s bicycle. I am routinely forced to provide Sleepy Joe with conveyance, exercise, and entertainment during his many vacations. In return I am subjected to hours upon hours of deranged, incomprehensible anecdotes about the Suez Crisis or the Cuyahoga River fires or the trucker strike of 1973-4. His brain is as warped and rusted as my crankset.


Also at Insty, GREAT NEWS FOR AMERICA, AWFUL NEWS FOR AMERICA: "They don’t pray that Biden goes back to his basement to save America from Biden’s awful presidency. They pray that Biden ends his awful presidency after one term because his lousy approval ratings are damaging their approval levels. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has announced she will not be running in 2024." If she's breathin', she's lyin'. At the Texas Trib, Texas Republican Convention calls Biden win illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn over gun talks. At NR (cited at Haut Hair), Marvin Olasky maunders about Evangelical Christianity in the age of Trump

Breitbart notes a Rasmussen Poll: Republicans Show Slight Lead on Generic Ballot. Too bad we don't have generic Republicans. Chris Queen at PJ Media catches Democrats Oddly Echoing Biden's 'Optimism' Moving Toward the Midterms. At Twitchy, What sort of F*CKERY is this?! ABC News BUSTED deleting tweet claiming Democrats will hold onto the House and take 4 seats in the Senate "Feel free to adjust your tinfoil a little bit folks, we just did." At News Busters, Stephanopoulos Panics: Is There Anything Dems Can Do to Stop The GOP Wave?. At Fox, Dan Bongino on the Democrats' and Biden's 'Five Stages of Grief', "Dan Bongino says the Biden administration knows it's losing its political power" Jack Kerwick at Am Great wonders So, Why, Exactly, Should We Vote Republican? They're not much, but at least they're not Democrats. At Breitbart, Texas ‘Triple Threat’ Leads Hispanic Voters’ Seismic Shift Toward GOP.

At the Pittsburg PG, Fights over Pa. election rules that seemed settled after 2020 have now come roaring back. They desperately seek to keep the illegal rules they imposed for the WuFlu in perpetuity. Charles Johnson at Am Think thinks D'Souza's Mules Left Tracks. At WaEx, Paul Bedard finds Flustered FEC Democrats link Trump campaign to Watergate

Thad McCotter at Am Great calls the J6 Committee A Cretinous Beltway Reproduction of a Stalinist Show Trial. George Parry at Am Spec explores The Jan. 6 Committee’s Bogus Insurrection Incitement Charge, "Trump did no such thing." At Da Caller, ‘What We Need Are Facts’: CNN Legal Analysts Throw Cold Water On Charging Trump For Jan. 6.  Jonathon Moseley at Am Think thinks the House January 6 Committee Is Failing but Doesn't Know Why. From the Slantic, cited at Haut Hair, Juliette Kayyem claims The Jan. 6 committee is giving Trumpers an off-ramp. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, ‘Is This What You Want?’: Rep. Kinzinger Slams His Own Party Over Letter Threatening His Family. Unfortunately, death threats seem to be an unavoidable part of partisan politics. They shouldn't be. But it could be a false flag.  Andrea Widburg at Am Think reports Simon & Schuster will distribute the Jan 6 committee report but with a twist. A forward by a Pro-Trumper? Liberals are scandalized. Rajan Laad at Am Think on Another Schiff show -- with Stephen Colbert. Matt Margolis at PJ Media sees that Tucker Carlson Knows What Should Be Done to Stephen Colbert’s Staffers Arrested at Capitol. “Stephen Colbert’s producers just committed insurrection at the US Capitol,” Carlson tweeted and said that Colbert’s staffers should be locked up in “solitary confinement” for a year and a half, based on the precedent set by the treatment of Jan. 6 prisoners." Citing Seattle's CHOP, Ari Hoffman  at HE asserts There Was an Insurrection. It Wasn't on January 6. David French at the Dispatch frets over Mike Pence and the Christian conflict on January 6. They ran out of cheeks to turn. 

At Da Wire, Pro-Abortion Protestors March At Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Home With Blood And Doll Props. Andrea Widburg at Am Think, The radical left literally targets Amy Coney Barrett. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, "Bloody" protesters outside Amy Coney Barrett's home. Instaquip, HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT NO ONE IS PROTESTING OUTSIDE JOHN ROBERTS’ HOME?. At Breitbart, Jane’s Revenge Plans Roe v. Wade Reveal ‘Night of Rage,’ ‘Carrying that Anger Out into the World Expressing it Physically’. Jack Posobiec@JackPosobiec, "BREAKING: Jane’s Revenge militant group releases new communique, declare ‘open season’ on pro-life centers nationwide amid wave of firebombings, call for recruits “Practice your cursive”." Lloyd Billingsley at Am Great details how Domestic Terrorism was Ignored in the past, "Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson overlooked, Reagan shooter John Hinckley goes free." At CNS News, Garland Must Move on Jane's Revenge. Madeline Osbourne at Da Fed notes how A Month And A Half After Dobbs Leak, FBI Says They Will Investigate Attacks On Pro-Life Groups, Pregnancy Centers. But will they really? Debra Saunders at Am Spec, Brett Sent Us, "Mob rule is just dandy with Joe Biden and his ilk."

At WaEx, Yellen says recession not 'inevitable,' though inflation 'unacceptably high' She nailed it when she called inflation transitory. In a geologic sense. At Da Caller, Janet Yellen Admits Things Are About To Get Worse. At Da Wire, Top Obama Economic Advisor Larry Summers: ‘Whole Range Of Indicators’ Point To Coming Recession. At Am Think, Brian C. Joondeph thinks about The Coming Economic Storm. But is it an ordinary T-storm or a hurricane? Never-Trumper Kevin Williamson at NR admits Here comes fiscal armageddon, after advocating and voting for it. I&I says that In Battle Against Soaring Inflation, Fed Chief Powell Is Out-to-Lunch. A three martini lunch. Shelby Talcott at Da Call throws the bullshit flag on Joe Biden Claims He’s Led The ‘Greatest Job Recovery In American History.’ Economists Says That’s False “President Biden is taking credit for jobs that were going to come back either way, regardless of any presidential policy, simply because the pandemic re-opened … He’s taking credit for the simple fact that the pandemic ended and people were called back to work, which was going to happen anyway,” Annie Lowry at the Slantic claims to know Why stocks, crypto, and home values are all plunging at once. Because the economy is in the shitter; that's why. 

At Aces, Joe Mannix explores How Much is a Gallon of Gas? "It's a lot, and it's far too much."  Breitbart, Biden Presses Oil Industry to Increase Production as Refineries Already Running at Full Capacity.  Brad Palumbo at WaEx opines on Three things Biden has done that increased gas prices "1. Canceling drilling leases and limiting domestic production . . . 2. Choking regulations that impose big costs and lead to higher prices . . . 3. Anti-energy rhetoric that discourages investment." Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great, on Biden and Oil: Destroy America in Order to Save It, "Our current oil shortage did not arise from a foreign war or tsunami, but from a deliberate policy to curtail oil production to force a more rapid transition to battery-powered transportation." Leslie Eastman at LI, on how and why Record Diesel Prices May Lead to Food Scarcity Crisis, “Feeling the pinch at the pump, farmers can decide to stop planting certain crops to save money on fuel, which, in turn, could result in higher food prices and even food shortages.” Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Mayor Pete threatens the airlines after a flight was canceled. Sec. Buttplug. At Da Pipeline, Joan Sammon wants you to Behold, the Biden Energy 'Brain Trust'

YaHoo! Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake spoke out against drag queens dancing for children. A popular drag queen says he performed for Lake and her young daughter. at Not the Bee, A "socialist high school teacher" from Hawaii said anti-grooming Republicans want to "show kids porn." What happened next is ... well, I guess it's not surprising. Busted for having sex with student.

A Hawaii teacher has been arrested for sharing child pornography. Federal prosecutors said Alden Bunag sent illicit pictures and video to another teacher on the mainland and admitted to sex with a 13-year-old student.

Bunag made his first court appearance on Thursday at the federal courthouse and remains in custody until his next hearing. Court records said he admitted to investigators that he recorded his sexual encounters with a 13-year-old boy who was a former student and sent the videos to others through a messenger app.

A sign of common sense from YaHoo!? Swimming-FINA votes to restrict transgender participation in elite women's competition. The Irvine Times reports Transgender swimmers barred from female events if they went through male puberty. At MSN, ‘It’s not going to happen’: Ohio Senate president speaks on transgender athlete bill, on genital examinations. KT at Haut Hair reports Burger King's Pride Whopper campaign lands with a thud in Austria. It even offended the gay folk. I like BK in a pinch, but 5 Guys beats the hell out of them. 

I&I warns A Tyranny Brews In Washington as Climate Czarina Gina McCarthy calls for censoring climate sceptics. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Eugenie Bouchard and FMJRA 2.0: Synphaera up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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