Thursday, June 9, 2022

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 A new Thursday feature:

The Horseraces 

Floored? Sliden' Biden hits new Morning Consult low on job approval – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Biden's Average Approval Rating Sinks Into the Thirties
"Be the f***ing president!": Dems despair as Biden's job approval hits lowest mark ever – HotAir
The Broken Windows Election
DeSantis Tops Trump in Conservative Straw Poll But There's Something Unsettling About It
"Better than President Trump": DeSantis's clout swells in the west – HotAir
DeSantis Campaign Fights Back Against Soros' Media Manipulation Targeting Hispanic Voters
SoCal stunner: Caruso forces Bass into LA mayor's race – HotAir
Chesa Boudin's exit creates the Democrats' "law and order priority" – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Terrorist Princeling Chesa Boudin Deposed from Office, Women, Minorities Hardest Helped Is Gascon Next?
NYT, WaPo: By golly, we think urban voters might be unhappy with crime – HotAir
Election truther wins GOP nomination for New Mexico secretary of state – HotAir
Was last night a good one or bad one for Trump? – HotAir
Althouse: "After a weeks-long impasse, Twitter’s board plans to comply with Elon Musk’s demands for internal data by offering access to its full 'firehose,' the massive stream of data..."

Jan 6 and Other Political Violence

Democrats Admit the True Purpose of J6 Hearings – PJ Media
Jan. 6 hearings give Dems a chance to recast midterm message – HotAir
"Unannounced adviser" to Dems on January 6 committee spiked Epstein story on human trafficking – HotAir
Karma Will Not Be Kind to the J6 Kangaroo Court Commies – PJ Media
YouTube deletes Post's Capitol riot interview with Aaron Mostofsky
Fake Trump electors in Ga. told to shroud plans in ‘secrecy,’ email shows - The Washington Post
Don Surber: Why they fear Steve Bannon
Ace of Spades HQ Surprise! Merrick Garland, Who Has Claimed He Will Move Heaven and Earth to Punish Domestic Terrorism, Tears Up the Plea Agreement From BLM Firebombers So That They Can Agree to Even Lighter Charges
Female Protesters Strip In Joel Osteen's Church As They Argue For Abortion Rights
EXCLUSIVE: Activists Plan to Block Entrances and ‘Shut Down’ Supreme Court to Prevent Expected Roe v. Wade Ruling
White House braces for the death of Roe v. Wade | The Hill
Indianapolis felon sentenced to five years in prison for possessing, firing gun during BLM riots | The Post Millennial
House Oversight launches investigation into unreported gifts received by Trump | The Hill
In The Mailbox: 06.07.22 : The Other McCain
J6 Committee Members Claim They Have Evidence of Incitement. They Don’t. Here’s How We Know. – PJ Media
Armed man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home apparently agreed with Chuck Schumer that Kavanaugh should ‘pay the price’ over Roe v. Wade –
The Jan. 6 committee wants Twitter's internal Slack messages – HotAir
BREAKING: Police capture armed man near Kavanaugh home – HotAir
So Long As Dobbs Remains Undecided, The Lives of the Justices Are At Risk
The anti-climax of the January 6 hearings – HotAir
Top Trump White House lawyer in active talks with Jan. 6 committee to testify publicly - ABC NewsBREAKING: California man with gun arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh's home, says he was there to kill SCOTUS justice | Not the Bee
The latest House-Senate GOP split: How to respond to Jan. 6 hearings - POLITICO
Althouse: "The hearings starting Thursday will feature a documentary filmmaker who has new video evidence of the violent mob assault incited by Donald Trump..."
DOJ Slaps Proud Boys Leaders With ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ Charges As Dems Prepare For Primetime January 6 Hearings | The Daily Caller
Nancy Pelosi and the Dems' Jan. 6 dog & baloney show
Liz Cheney and the Cult of Washington Insiders - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Liz Cheney's J6 Committee Wants To Nuke The Electoral College
Ted Cruz Delivers Dagger To Left Over Their ‘Efforts To Politicize Acts Of Violence’ | The Daily Wire
Report: Jared and Ivanka never believed the election was rigged – HotAir

The Stupid Economy

Ace of Spades HQ Gas Prices Have Officially Doubled From Trump's Last Day in Office
Instapundit » Blog Archive » ALAS, IT’S A RECORD DESTINED TO BE BROKEN: New Jersey gas prices top $5 a gallon for first time ev…
"Incredible transition" update: Gas prices hit new record -- and just miss $5 per gallon – HotAir
White House: No, we're not talking about oil production with Saudi Arabia – HotAir
Biden Cabinet Members Admit There is Nothing More That Can Be Done to Lower Gas Prices - The Last Refuge
Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) Has her EV, so Gasoline Prices Don’t Matter – Watts Up With That?
Democrat Senator Brags About How Gas Prices Don't Affect Her
FYI, Dem Sen. Debbie Stabenow drove her electric car from Michigan to DC and didn’t even care how high gas prices were [video] –
Lawmakers pressure Treasury secretary on soaring gas prices, inflation | National | thecentersquare.comYellen: Inflation is going to 'remain high' and my previous claims it was 'transitory' were a mistake – HotAir
Sen. Kennedy Perfectly Punctures the Biden Team for Giving Up on Inflation and Gas Prices – RedState
‘A Bad Idea’: Federalized, Universal Preschool Carries A $350 Billion Price Tag | The Daily Wire
WSJ poll: Americans highly pessimistic about economy, national direction – HotAir
8 in 10 Americans: Economy is 'poor or not so good' under Biden
Never Forget these Two Things About the Biden Economy and Inflation, Baby Formula etc… | Da Techguy's (no longer backup) Blog
Ace of Spades HQ Quick Hits
The Defense Production Act as a Political Tool to Boost Solar Farms | Bacon's Rebellion
Janet Yellen Admits She ‘Could Have Used A Better Term Than Transitory’ To Describe ‘Unacceptable’ Inflation | The Daily Wire
World Bank: Get ready for That 70s Stagflation Show – HotAir
Gas Prices Soar to 10th Consecutive Record Day High $4.91
Tone-Deaf: While Americans Suffer Inflation, Dem Senator Brags About Avoiding Gas Prices With Her EV | The Daily Wire
The Fed’s Amazing Journey | City Journal

The Culture War

Instapundit » Blog Archive » HIGHER EDUCATION CHOOSES SIDES: Law school will not punish students who shouted down conservative s…
Ace of Spades HQ Matt Walsh's New Documentary Explores The Very Ponderable Question of "What Is a Woman?," And Finds "The Experts" Are Extremely Confused And Also Very Touchy About Being Asked About The Question
Today’s blacklisted American: Georgetown University succeeds in blacklisting conservative for having opinions – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
Althouse: "[T]he boys are arguing that their use of biologically correct, if politically incorrect, pronouns is speech protected by the First Amendment."

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