Friday, August 28, 2020

Fish Pic Friday - Erica Lynn

 Well, I figured out who she is: Eric Lynn
Erica Lynn grew up in Pennsylvania, where her Grandfather took her fishing since she was a toddler. Unfortunately he passed away and Erica’s Grandmother sold the boat stopping her days on the water.

Years later and all grown up Erica, moved down south to Clearwater, Florida. Obviously moving to Florida – the Mecca of fishing – she rekindled her childhood love for the sport and became an Internet sensation at the same time.

On Instagram Erica has almost 200,000 followers, and she has a rapidly growing YouTube channel too.

Erica loves living in Florida because of all the options for Fishing. Offshore, Inshore and Lake Fishing she regularly does all three. As you can tell she’s quite talented. Though you won’t find her at the popular fishing spots, her favorite part of Fishing is the piece and quiet. She’s more likely to be off in a hidden inlet, or lake catching massive: Tarpon, Snook, Red Fishing, Trout or even Bass.

Erica has been improving her Fly Fishing, however she currently spends most of her time on the water spin casting.

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