Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Russiagate: Flynn Back in Court

Margot Cleveland at Da Fed asks What We Learned Sunday From Spygate Insider Steven Schrage 

Schrage’s interview with Bartiromo proves enlightening. According to Schrage, Halper often bragged that Ignatius was one of his media contacts. This statement complements Lokhova’s statement to The Federalist that Halper (as well as Andrew) were connected to Ignatius.

In fact, Lokhova told The Federalist that after Halper was outed as a CIA and FBI informant in May 2018, she spoke with Ignatius, and when they spoke, she “registered surprise about Halper’s role” as a CHS. As previously reported, “that prompted Ignatius to say ‘he always found Halper reliable as a source.’ When I said, ‘Wow, he was your source,’ Ignatius hung up.

We never spoke again.’ So maybe intel was flowing two ways between Halper and Ignatius.

So Halper may be the person who leaked the Kislyak phone call, a felony? I hope Durham is checking him carefully. 

Today, the Michael Flynn case goes to the D.C. Circus Court en banc. Front Page Mag, DC Circuit Court Rehears Flynn’s Case Today "The unconscionable persecution of an American patriot ensues." Matt Vespa at Town Hall explains Sorry, Anti-Trumpers, It Looks Like the DC Circuit *Is* Concerned Over Flynn Judge’s Bias

Capt. Ed at Hot Air VIP asks Hmmm: Did FBI Mislead Congress About Steele Dossier Reliability? Absodamnlutely. The question is whether they did it deliberately, or did the the send the ignorant to brief Congress. Jonathon Turley notes Did The FBI Mislead The Senate Intelligence Committee On The Steele Dossier? The Media Is Not Interested. No, they're interested in withholding that information from the public. Chuck Ross at Da Caller reports Sen. Ron Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray For All Crossfire Hurricane Documents
The subpoena, issued on Aug. 6, calls for Wray to produce all of the documents related to the probe by Aug. 20.

Johnson is also demanding that Wray hand over all records that the FBI provided the Justice Department’s office of the inspector general for its scathing report on Crossfire Hurricane.

The Wisconsin Republican also announced on Monday that he intends to subpoena Jonathan Winer, a former State Department official who served as a key liaison between dossier author Christopher Steele and State Department officials before the 2016 election. Winer arranged a meeting for Steele at Foggy Bottom in October 2016 and was also a background source for multiple news articles that contained Steele’s unverified allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Also, Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media, GOP Senator Subpoenas FBI as Dems Seek to Undermine Obamagate Probe and Madeline Osburn at Da Fed, Ron Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director For All Records Related To Origin Of Russia Probe, so, of course, Democrats are rushing to smear him. Julie Kelly, AmGreat Russian Collusion Perps Target Johnson "With Republicans at risk of losing control of the Senate in November, Senator Ron Johnson (R.-Wisc.) needs to work fast. Fortunately, it appears for now that Johnson is undeterred by the Democrats’ attempted character assassination of him." Still waving the  bloody Russian  shirt. 

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