Monday, August 10, 2020

It Was An Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny . . .

Thong bikini that got Acrobat Sam Panda busted after ‘Karen’ reports her for wearing thong on Myrtle Beach
Her string of bad luck continues – no ifs or butts about it.

Sam Panda, an acrobat who went viral a few years ago when she broke her neck during a performance in Bali when her rig malfunctioned, made waves this time when she wore a thong on a South Carolina beach — where it is illegal.
You can go see the video of her accident here; it's pretty awful, and I'm happy to report that she seems to fully healed, and back to the same work.
The well-known aerialist, who is originally from Pittsburgh, complained that “some Karen” called the cops on her because she wore the skimpy bikini in Myrtle Beach.

Police said they were initially called for a report of two women who were wearing thongs and a see-through top — and were “dancing and soliciting videos on the beach,” WTNH reported. The cops spoke with the women to advise them of the ordinance.

“One of the women attempted to walk away from officers and was detained,” police said, according to the outlet.

After being shown the ordinance, Panda complied and was allowed to leave the beach without further incident. But she vented on Facebook about the incident.

“If you are a woman, and you decide to call the police on other women for their bodies ON A BEACH, IN FRONT OF YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER…,” she wrote.

Both Horry County and Myrtle Beach governments ban the use of thongs under an ordinance about indecent exposure, WTNH reported. Offenders are typically given a warning for the first offense.

“You have allowed a 105 pound woman to get rushed, aggressively grabbed, manhandled, and cuffed. You allowed two women to be slut shamed publicly on a beach for their bathing suits,” Panda wrote.
H/T to the Misanthropic Humanitarian at Ace's Saturday Overnight Open Thread (8/8/20).

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  1. I wouldn't want to see that garbage either & I definitely don't want my kids to see such lack of self respect.

  2. Ugh, tats. High marks for flexibility, though.

  3. Good to hear that she’s recovered from the injury, sad to see so much unaesthetic ink distracting from, even vandalizing, an otherwise beautiful and graceful woman.