Monday, August 17, 2020

Oregon, My Oregon

Saturday night, police declared a riot in downtown Portland, but the mob returned on Sunday, blocking traffic with no police in sight. On Twitter, Andy Ngo shared video of the “Black Lives Matter”/Antifa mob unleashing mayhem on passersby. The video shows a man in a white truck on a corner next to a 7-11 store, surrounded by shouting protesters who for some unknown reason assault a blonde woman in the street. Under attack, the man drives away, but crashes into a building a block away. He is then set upon by the mob, including an Antifa thug wearing a “security” vest. No police are in sight as they haul the man from the truck, order him to the ground and then — for no apparent reason — the Antifa “security” thug kicks him in the head, knocking him unconscious.

This is what Antifa means by the chant, “Whose streets? Our streets!”

The mob considers downtown Portland their “turf,” and control their territory by the use of violence and intimidation. The video shared by Ngo was recorded by Drew Hernandez, who saw the whole thing from start to finish. What evidently happened was that a trans person was being harassed, and the white truck guy was trying to defend him/“her.” Members of the mob then followed him to his truck. It’s confusing, but what do you expect when anarchists rule the streets? The reason we have police and courts of law is to prevent this kind of vigilante “street justice” scene where insults escalate into violence. “Due process of law,” as guaranteed by our Constitution, is being violated by these self-declared “social justice” activists, and the fundamental liberty of American citizens is null and void wherever BLM/Antifa control the streets.
Ace, Newly-Elected Portland DA -- Who Refuse to Prosecute Antifa -- Admits He Is "Old Buddies" With an Antifa Militant

Please let Portland declare independence.

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