Monday, August 24, 2020

About that Polling . . .

Officials at Northeastern University informed freshmen who responded “yes” to a poll asking if they would attend parties that they will face consequences for “fail[ing] to follow social distancing restrictions.”

According to The Huntington News, 115 students and their parents received an emailed warning due to the students’ answers on the Northeastern Class of 2024 Instagram page poll.

Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Madeleine Estabrook wrote “It has been brought to our attention that on a social media platform you have indicated an intent to gather in large groups and engage in parties […] This is unacceptable, will not be tolerated, and presents a danger to your health and the health of our community.”

The Wall Street Journal reports the pollster, when asked by Northeastern officials, gave up the names of all who answered in the affirmative. The pollster refused to speak to The HN, indicating he/she did not “want this to drag on longer.”
And you think I'm going to answer a poll from some anonymous guy on the phone who may riot in the cities for second shift correctly?

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