Wednesday, August 12, 2020

8/12/20 Beach Report

Skye and I did something we haven't done for a while, walked down to the beach from home. On the way around the Harbor I found this Viceroy butterfly, a close mimic of a Monarch. I seen them rarely, and always in the same place. Curiously, there is a big willow nearby, and willows are reported to be the preferred food for Viceroy caterpillars. The camera chose to focus on the grass behind the butterfly, but you can still see the black band across the hind wings which is the easiest way to tell them from Monarchs.
 Just plain too hot, humid and windless. Georgia thought Skye was going to rebel, but she did make the entire trip.
 Thunderheads are forming all around us. We could use a little rain, almost a week after Isaias.
 A Tiger shark (contortus)  tooth as found.
 And a Carcharhinus sp. tooth, found in the water.
 A big visitor came over.
Sure looks like an Air Force C-130 to me.

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