Thursday, August 27, 2020

Some Russiagate to Start the Day

You may have heard allegations that the hack of the DNC may not have been carried out by Russian hackers, but rather insiders. The MSM  and the FBI attempt to portray this as a conspiracy theory, but some reasonable folk on the other side think otherwise. Former NSA Official Questions the Intelligence Community’s Assessment on the DNC Hack. At Medium, Mitchell Nemeth allows Former NSA Official to Question the Intelligence Community’s Assessment on the DNC Hack. Read it, or watch the video:

I think in this era of digital spoofing, nothing is solid, and everything should be questioned. Excerpted from, “Neither Flynn Nor Stone Were Guilty—There Was No Russian Hack” Bill Binney Makes His Case A long one. . .

Of course, it could be Russian collaborators inside the DNC who hacked the DNC: Eric Felten at Da Fed, Key Russian Collusion Hoaxer And Dossier Peddler At Obama’s State Dept. Worked For Sanctioned Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. We've heard the Winer reports before, but Felten lays it out in a compelling way. I'm not saying Winer hacked the DNC (he's clearly a different kind of hack), but clearly the Russians had a lot influence in the Democrat world; it could be nearly anyone.

Erik and Todd Gregory are waiting with Bated Breath for Barr's Big Break (AmGreat)
And yet...and yet..Kevin Clinesmith? Not exactly a ringleader in the anti-Trump cabal. And what of the instigators of this audacious plot against the president (i.e., John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Joe Biden, or Barack Obama to name but a few)? Thus far, Barr has indicated no intention of prosecuting anyone beyond the low-hanging fruit of Kevin Clinesmith and even publicly issued assurances to Barack Obama and Joe Biden that they have no criminal culpability (to say nothing of Barr's exoneration of Andrew McCabe on Valentine's Day). Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief John Brennan was reportedly told by Durham that he was not a target (or even a subject) of the Russia Hoax investigation. And it appears that Durham has not even interviewed most of the principal figures central to the Russia Hoax. While Barr and Durham should be applauded for finally taking some judicial action, however limited, if Kevin "little fish" Clinesmith is their biggest catch and the true ringleaders escape unscathed, we can be assured these serial abuses of power will escalate under a Joe en administration.

Consequence #1 — The DOJ Will Ensure a Two-Tiered Politicized Justice System (Exclusively Targeting Conservatives and Protecting Progressives): The DOJ began visibly putting its thumb on the scales of justice in favor of fellow progressives and against conservatives during Obama's reign. . . .

Consequence #2 — Escalating Federal Government Attacks against Republicans and Conservatives: Progressive-dominated federal government agencies will renew and escalate attacks against conservative organizations and individuals in the confident knowledge that the politically aligned DOJ will not hold them to account. . . .

Consequence #3 — The Russia Hoax Investigation Will Be Dissolved Immediately by President Biden.
Da Caller, ‘Don’t Be Fooled’: Richard Grenell Warns Against Electing Another ‘Washington Insider’. Sundance has Ric Grenell's address to the RNC convention, Richard “Ric” Grenell Delivers an Incredible RNC Speech Supporting “America First”… I've queued it up to the "spygate" section:

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