Sunday, August 9, 2020

Et Tu, WuFlu?

Another occasional link dump, before the links get too stale:

On going back to school:

TaxProf Blog NY Times: The U.S. Is Pursuing The Worst Possible COVID-19 Education Policy, Forcing Young Children Online While Risking On-Ground Classes For College Students

Maryland's Larry Hogan & Montgomery Schools -- Governor Reverses Order Shutting All Private Schools | National Review

As Maryland public schools go online this fall, private and parochial schools are ready to welcome students on campus - Baltimore Sun

BORIS JOHNSON: Keeping our schools closed longer than is necessary is intolerable | Daily Mail Online

Hydroxycholorquine, Remdesivir, and a vaccine:

Why Is the Right So Obsessed With Hydroxychloroquine?

This Indian slum contained a possible COVID-19 disaster with hydroxychloroquine | Opinion | LifeSite

COVID-19 Treatment - Analysis of 66 global studies showing high effectiveness for early treatment

Hydroxychloroquine Helps Poor Nations Overcome COVID-19 | The Stream

Italian Study: Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Risk 66 Percent |

Hydroxychloroquine is an Effective Treatment for COVID-19

Studies of convalescent plasma were delayed so doctors could focus on hydroxychloroquine – HotAir

Study: Antiviral drug remdesivir helps white, Black and Latino patients equally

Novavax's New Covid-19 Vaccine Studies Praised By Scientists - The New York Times

Dr's Fauci, Birx, and others:

6 Questions a Reporter Should Ask Dr. Fauci on COVID-19

Jim Jordan Confronts Dr. Anthony Fauci on Disparate COVID Concerns…. | The Last Refuge

Ex-whistleblower: It's time for 'new blood' at agency Fauci has led for decades | Just The News

Dr. Deborah Birx: 'We are in a new phase' of coronavirus pandemic with more widespread cases - CNNPolitics

Pelosi randomly trashes Dr. Birx in private meeting

Sit down, Nancy: Pelosi doubles down while Birx forcefully pushes back

General politics of the virus:

Ten More Lies About President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus

What Trump Should Have Said During his Axios Interview

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away - The Atlantic

Why the Coronavirus is More Likely to ‘Superspread’ Than the Flu - The New York Times

After plummeting, the virus soars back in the midwest – HotAir

Italy and Sweden Are Taming The Coronavirus's Potential Second Wave - Bloomberg

The land with no face masks: Holland's top scientists say there's no solid evidence coverings work | Daily Mail Online

KDHE doctored a COVID case chart to justify mask mandates - The Sentinel


The coronavirus has shown people that big government can't solve all their problems

James Hasson on Twitter: "It’s truly incredible how we went from “we need a brief pause to build hospital capacity” in March to “we must indefinitely suspend any activities that could allow the virus to spread” in August." / Twitter

Instapundit » Blog Archive » WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER. RULES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE. And, sure enough: “Washington, D.C…

Who deserves a funeral? – HotAir

Lawmakers returning from John Lewis funeral exempt from D.C. quarantine order | Just The News

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