Sunday, August 23, 2020

A Dog Day at the Beach

Another warm, sunny day at the beach, 85 and pretty humid. A 5 mph west wind doesn't help too much.
Heavy clouds building somewhere over Delaware, maybe. They say possible T-storms today, but it doesn't look imminent according to the radar.
 Georgia searching the beach for goodies.
Georgia with the find of the day, if not the month. An Axis or Atlas vertebra of a whale, which she spotted from just a nub poking out of the sand. I'm still waiting for the experts to tell me which it is.

Update: The pros say Atlas, the first vertebra below the skull.

This picture to show some gouges which may be predation marks, from the teeth of ancient sharks, possibly Megalodons. We did get 27 shark's teeth, a crab claw, a drums tooth and two Tilly bones, too.
 A gull on the posing post.

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