Thursday, August 20, 2020

Forget It Jake, It's Pittsburgh

Demonstrate here, demonstrate there, just don't demonstrate at my house. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, Pittsburgh Dem Mayor: No, You Can’t Protest Outside My House
There’s something in this story about chickens coming home to roost, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the protests (and associated rioting from time to time) haven’t let up. In fact, following the arrest of one protest leader over the weekend, they’ve only increased in volume. As long as the demonstrations remained in the downtown area, both Mayor Bill Peduto and many of the police seemed content to let the situation play out. But Peduto’s attitude took a decided turn toward the less tolerant side when the protests moved to a new location. The site in question would be the Mayor’s own front yard. And that was clearly a bridge too far for him. (CBS Pittsburgh)
These days, it seems Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto can’t please anyone — certainly not the protesters who made a ruckus outside his house in Point Breeze all night. Even though he’s condemned it, they blame the mayor for the arrest of 25-year-old Matthew Cartier, who was whisked away in an unmarked van on Saturday…
The mayor was not home last night when protesters beat on drums, blew in horns and chanted disdain, and he as not in his office today. But in a statement, he said while he supports free speech, he indicated arrests will be warranted if actions like this happen again.
Thus far, police have allowed demonstrators unfettered access to city streets without permits, but even the ACLU says police are within their rights to make arrests if protesters create disturbances or block vital streets and intersections and refuse to disperse.
I was going to call this a case of NIMBYism, but the noisy mob was technically in Peduto’s front yard. This is looking like a case of selective enforcement, isn’t it? In any event, the Mayor said the protesters had “crossed a line.” I can only assume he meant his own property line.

If you happen to be a shop owner in the downtown area, you may not get any help from law enforcement if the protesters are smashing your windows and looting your store. But if you’re the Mayor, a line of cops will show up at your house, declare an “unlawful assembly” and threaten to start hauling people in.
If it weren't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

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