Thursday, August 20, 2020

Russiagate: Mueller Team Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Evidence for FISA Warrant

OK, so it happened a day later than I thought it would, but Kevin Clinesmith signed the papers officially. Zach Evans at NR,  Ex-FBI Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Durham Probe of Russia Investigation. Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Ex-FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Pleads Guilty In Durham Probe
Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to making false statements by altering an email related to former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

John Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, filed a criminal complaint against Clinesmith on Friday, alleging that he altered an email in June 2017 regarding Page’s past relationship with the CIA.

The CIA had told the FBI in August 2016 that Page served as an “operational contact” for the spy agency from 2008 to 2013. Clinesmith contacted the CIA in June 2017 regarding Page while completing an application to renew surveillance against the ex-Trump adviser.

According to the criminal complaint, Clinesmith added the words “not a ‘source'” in reference to Page to a CIA liaison’s email. Clinesmith shared the altered email with an FBI supervisory intelligence analyst working on the Page investigation.
At CTH, Sundance thinks he's getting off too light, Clinesmith Gets The Wolfe Plea Deal…
Despite the falsification of court documents within a FISA document; and despite the likelihood of an intentional conspiracy to commit fraud upon the court in order to obtain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against the Trump campaign – via Carter Page; the DOJ entered into a plea agreement on a single count of lying to federal officers.

The agreement holds a maximum penalty of zero to six months in federal prison and a $250k fine. This is the same plea agreement the DOJ (DC U.S. Attorney) previously gave to the Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director James Wolfe, who leaked the SAME, earlier, top-secret classified FISA application to the media on March 17, 2017.

Judge James Boasberg noted early in the phone hearing that he is “currently the presiding judge for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,” but that “this case, however, is a criminal case, it is not a FISC case, and it is a case that was randomly assigned.” As anticipated Boasberg said the FISA court could be seen as a “victim” in the case, but also said he would preside over the case fairly without recusing himself. He stated if either the defense or prosecution wanted him to recuse, then he would. Neither party requested.

Judge Boasberg noted the maximum penalty for a single false statements charge was five years in prison but the sentencing guideline calls for zero to six months. Sentencing is scheduled for December 10, 2020, after the election, at 11am.
So it's a felony; his law career is over; he'll become a shill for CNN, MSNBC or the DNC. Is it too little? It depends on what he gave Durham not to fight it. He could try to pull a Flynn and withdraw his plea later, especially if democrats win, but I'm going to bet against it. I think Carter Page should sue him for violating his civil rights.
The other bit of news still hanging out there is the SSCI report. They found nothing, but managed to smear Trump in the process. Chuck Ross, Senate Committee Investigated Several Allegations Of Russian ‘Kompromat’ On Trump
The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee conducted a more detailed investigation than previously known into whether Russians had compromising information on Donald Trump, going as far as examining hotel room expenses that the then-real estate tycoon amassed during a trip to Moscow in 2013.

A report released Tuesday makes clear that the committee was unable to establish whether any of the alleged compromising information was legitimate, or if Russian operatives ever tried to blackmail Trump. The report also shows the lengths to which the intelligence panel went to uncover whether the Kremlin sought to influence the president’s policies towards Russia.

“The Committee collected this testimony and other information, but it did not establish that the Russian government collected kompromat on Trump, nor did it establish that the Russian government attempted to blackmail Trump or anyone associated with his campaign with such information,” the report says.
And Senate Intel Panel Found ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ Of Collusion, Faced Roadblocks In Probe Of Steele Dossier. Someone blocked the probe into the Steele fantasy? I wonder who; there are so many obvious suspects. So, Schumer: Intel Committee Report ‘Makes Crystal Clear the Relationship Between the Trump Campaign and the Russians Was Tight as a Drum’, but they just couldn't prove it, darn it. CNS News, Senate Panel: Manafort Worked With Russian Intel Officer Possibly Linked to DNC Hack. His relationship with Konstantin Kilimnik has long been public knowledge, whether Kilimnik is tied to Russian intelligence is less well established. You should just probably assume any Russian seeking to do business in the west has been touched by them, just as Carter Page was in bed with the CIA; that's how the game is played. Manafort shared a public poll with Kilimnik, saving him the trouble of reading it in the NYT. And really, as pointed out by JB Shurk at AmGreat, the whole question of whether the Russians hacked the DNC is still in dispute. Still no Evidence of a 'Russian Hack'. But they would if they could.Ace, Documentary Based on Lee Smith's "The Plot Against the President" To Debut in October
Directed by Amanda Milius?

Yes, that's the daughter of John Milius, director of Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn and Big Wednesday.

I think I've seen, and posted it, bit by bit.

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