Monday, August 24, 2020

Beach Report 8/24/20

85 F with 83% relative humidity, not a lot of breeze equals pretty warm. Occasional clouds gave us a little shade once a while

 Georgia and Skye, with her find of the day, a nice White Shark tooth. Not the biggest, but a great specimen, complete and fresh.
My best, a small shark vertebra. I have submitted the contest to the experts on Facebook to see who wins the day
 The Sea Nettles are just awful this year. Some places you can barely walk, a jellyfish makes a banana peel seem like adhesive. Other places, like this, they wash around in the shallows in droves.
 Coming back to the harbor.
 Some one in waders? Well that's one way not to get stung.
Turns out it's the woman from MDE who comes to sample the bay at different beaches for bacteria. That's a sample bottle in her hand. So far we haven't had any notices posted that we exceeded the magic number.
An Osprey circling.

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